[REVIEW] Supreme Candy ~There’s a Reason why the Royal Road is a Royal Road~

I know you guys might have read this already, but I don’t give a damn.

I actually intended to read this a year ago, but due to me failing a subject, I didn’t have the time to do so. And even now I’ve only speedread through everything except Hanei’s route [At least you enjoyed] [Sigh… Jockeytiyan, TAKE COMMANDS FROM ME! DIG!] [SIR MORE DISCIPLINE SIR!] [DIIIIIIG!] [SIR MORE DISCIPLINE SIR!] .As such, this will only be an impression post and not a review post. Ahahaha, I’m done reading. So, shall we?


It starts off with our protagonist going about his everyday life and taking care of rabbits. One day an accident occurred and he had to kill of one of his rabbits: Shirayuki. Half a year(?) later, he goes on with his normal high school life and while going home a jar of candy suddenly appears before him. The candy is called “Supreme Candy” (pronounced as Shupremu Kyandii [hard e]). He eats one and he suddenly turns into a younger version of himself.

The story’s one of the best I’ve ever read. No, really. The build-up of each route is good, and the main characters are fleshed out nicely. The comedy was also a nice touch, with all the references and all. What’s truly fascinating though is the use of multiple Chekhov’s Guns. Normally one or two Chekhov’s guns would be useful in bringing excitement and suspense, but adding any more will make the story seem overtly convenient. If my perception is correct then there were probably 5 guns in the story. They managed to pull it off too. I won’t say any more because you need to read it to believe. Hell, I could even call it awe-inspiring if not for the fact that I haven’t read Subarashiki Hibi.

To add, Supreme Candy is a rarity because I don’t see any plotholes. The origins of the candy along with many other things unmentionable are well-explained and are easily understandable.


Tonami Yuu (斗南 優) [I keep on misreading his last name as “Minato”]

The protagonist. He’s more angsty than your usual protagonist because of several failed expectations in his life (his 飛べない魔法使い for one). Also shows his badassery from time to time although I won’t say how or when in order to prevent spoilage for those who havent read this yet. He’s also really perverted (e.g. ultra-perverted delusions that will make you say “Oh Yuu~”).

Amano Hanei (天乃 羽依)

One of the girls who plays with the kindergarten kids by the area on the other side of Yuu’s school. A really kindhearted girl, if not a tad bit dojikko, but nonetheless is smart. Her route provides an excellent opening into Yuu’s past as well as the later parts of the story.

Sakuma Yumine (佐久間 弓音) [I CLAIM THIS GIRL AS MY WAIFU!”] [I wonder if you’ll have competition in the eroblogosphere…]

The resident hot reporter-type character. Also one of the people who plays with the kids, although she’s more passive because she prefers to take pictures of people. Which makes her seem very snoopy. Was also one of the first people to know of Yuu’s true identity (and age) and they become fast friends. Her leitmotif is one of my favorites, along with her design.

Minato Himawari (湊 向日葵)

She’s Yuu’s osananajimi. Hell he even characterized her as one, if not for the fact that he claims she’s actually somewhat of an inversion. A good girl, likes rainy days, and is very shy around Yuu. You won’t see her for most part of the story unless you go to her route so yeah. But hers has an immense amount of diabetes-inducing raburabu so be warned.

Aihara Tokimi (藍原 時未)

I call her “BWEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE~” and for a good reason. It makes up around 60% of her dialogue (no really). And that laugh is infectious. After hearing it a few times and seeing the antics that follow, I went BWEHEHEHEHEHE myself. She’s initially a kid but due to a small incident she got herself a teenage body (The Candy Did It). Loves her onii-chan (Yuu) very much (AFAIR they’re not blood siblings though) and always takes the opportunity to get a hold of him.

Nanahoshi Shuri (七星 朱里)

She only appears in the start of the story when you decide to not pursue Hanei (which cancels out all of the other girls). Her routes one of the most vague and thus I cannot give a proper description of her until I re-read her route (easier said than done: I have a college entrance exam on Saturday).

Tsuyuki Yuuri (露雪 悠莉)

One of the last people to be introduced, she’s dubbed as the fairy girl by the kids because of her weird mannerisms (calling stuff “living things”) and her bunny ears headdress (which is, before you ask, removable). You could call her a lovable weirdo, although there’s more than meets the eye…


Hasegawa Isaac Izumi Mercedes Jakoko (長谷川 アイザック 泉 メルセデス ジャココ) [Such a long name~]

Better known as Jako. The main heroine of the whole frikkin story, and only unlockable after you’ve traversed all the heroines.  At the time when Yuu sees her, she cites that the world is about to end with Yuu ending it. But let us talk more about her. She’s a living weapon called the Cursed Scythe, but didn’t have a name nor a life until she was found by Jack, who will later live inside the body of Yuu.  They traveled together until Jack was killed by Lantern, who used Jack to get the gate of Ragnarok. Years later, the Sanhedrin (yes it is Sanhedrin) ordered Jako to kill off Yuu, because he is the key to Ragnarok.

Personality-wise, Jako is a tsundere/kuudere wrapped in dojikko and deep-fried in moe. No, really. She’s that cute. And m3rryweather claiming her, goddamn lucky bastard. I mean, who unintentionally makes highly erotic sounds while shaking a pumpkin?! WHO?! Also, her height (138 cm) is so unbelievable that it is too good to be true.


All in all, the characters are well-rounded. There are more, but adding too much would extend this post to hell.


Nothing much to say since this is your usual menu with the usual config and menus.

Music & Sounds

The BGMs were good-tier ones. Most of them kept the mood right and were ambient enough for the atmosphere to hold together. Some of my favorites were the epic “Yuu is gonna be badass” BGM and Yumine’s leitmotif (which has sax and I like sax). Something that I’d really have a say in though is the opening song: 飛べない魔法使い. Although the highs were really unnatural, the song fits the game and its theme nicely.


LET US PRAISE INUGAMI KIRA FOR HER ARTWORK. No really, she’s one of the artists for this game. And the character designs are beautiful. Just look!

My only complaint though is the fact that the other male characters were somewhat eyesores. They could’ve gotten better character designs, but yeah, who cares really?


The usual, although there is rape so be warned.


Personally, I don’t like rating stuff when doing reviews, but I might as well because I’m a person who likes to quantify stuff.

My rating system works like a grading system teachers use for their students. Each aspect of the game is separated into components then combined into a single rating. The transmutation table is simple and if you’re a college student (or someone like me whose high school uses this system) then this should be familiar to you:

  • 1.0 – 100 – 96
  • 1.25 – 95 – 90
  • 1.5 – 89 – 85
  • 1.75 – 84 – 80
  • 2.0 – 79 – 76
  • 2.25 – 75 – 71
  • 2.5 – 70 – 60 [This means passing]
  • 2.75 – x < 60 [NG]

Component scoring:

  • Story (30%): 30%
  • Characters (30%): 30%
  • System (5%): 5%
  • Music & Sounds (10%): 8%
  • Art (20%): 19%
  • H-Scenes (5%): 5%

Total: 97%

Transmutation: 1.0

Supreme Candy is a great visual novel to read. I recommend this to everyone. Not as a starter novel, but something once you’ve gotten a hold of reading these types of novels.

And as for me, this is my first review post ever and I’ll gladly accept comments that do not involve the lack of Shuri data. Thank you.


One response to “[REVIEW] Supreme Candy ~There’s a Reason why the Royal Road is a Royal Road~

  1. I love this visual novel… So far I notice that the artist who draw them was someone from Seitokai no Ichizon…

    I like Jakoko well her route is a mystery yet. In a terms of cuteness she almost look like Kurimu from Seitokai no Ichizon…

    The bad part I know there are some people had already taken her home. agh.

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