[First Impressions] Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

HAI ppl

Here is the first show of the new season, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, made by the same people who brought you Queen’s Blade and Ikkitousen. I am pretty sure where everyone’s expectations are regarding this series.

Wow, the animation! That was probably the first thing that came to my mind when watching this. The animation was done in a unique style(maybe not unique for everyone) and executed quite well. If you ever played (Super) Street Fighter IV or Muramasa: The Demon Blade, you are probably already familiar with the animation style used. For those that did not, it is an animation style that tries to make scenes look like traditional Asian oil paintings. The colors are a little dull and dark, and ink blobs are splattered across the screen during most scenes for effect.

Sadly, I can’t be as positive about the rest of the episode. The plot line was fairly dull and cliche. To make matters worse, the characters barely introduced themselves and their intentions, so don’t expect the plot line to go anywhere. To make up for the bad plot, the animators added plenty of typical, boring fanservice scenes, and knowing the producers history, expect a lot more of this to come. To add to my reasons to dislike the series, the music was fairly unappealing. Both the op and ed did not appeal to me.

The only thing left to pay attention to in the series was the action. Sadly I can’t say much about this because the protagonist was running away from fights for most of the episode and the opening was filled with panning of stills of action scenes.

Technical Rating: 3/5 (Rating that rates a show/episode based on how it does in animation, story, music, etc.)

Personal Rating: 2/5 (Rating that reflects on my what was my personal enjoyment of the show/episode)

If you were thinking about watching this series, the first episode might be worth watching for the animation, but I seriously doubt there will much to pull you back into the series after the initial impressions from the animation wears off.

9/7/10 edit: Changed the conclusion to more accurately reflect my opinion of the show.

9/11/10 edit: Changed the conclusion again to make the ratings more accurate.


2 responses to “[First Impressions] Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

  1. Not gonna comment in the post.

    Seeing what the studio’s name might be disappointing, but we can always expect something that will appear different from their style. It wouldn’t be fair to say, “You might want to stop watching the series after the nth episode,” because from what you say, their animation is pretty good.

    It’s likely that the series will not be inclined with the storyline. I’ve seen critics comment about Queen’s Blade. So…

  2. @jockeytiyan: Thanks for commenting on the thread.

    Personally, I felt there was very little to draw me back to watch the second episode because I am already used to that animation style (since I have played all the games I listed above). If I did not count the animation in my rating, this show would have gotten an easy 1/5 and an instant drop from me. As a result, my conclusion basically stays the same, but I edited it to more accurately reflect my opinion.

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