[First Impressions] Sora no Otoshimono: Forte

HAI ppl!

Welcome to the second season of angels, fanservice, and a corrupt god.  With the thunderous entrance,  Astraea (type Delta) starts off this season with a bang, but how does this sequal compare to its poorly received and fanservice ridden original? Hopefully the animators have plenty of creativity this time around. (…well I am not sure if I want anymore flying panties)

For those new to the series, here is a quick recap of the story:
Sakurai Tomoki has had a recurring dream since childhood warning him about the angels captured by the sky. On some day, an angel, Icarus (type Alpha) fell down from the sky and formed a contract with him. Where did Icarus come from; no one really knows, but Tomoki’s sempai, Sugita, believes she fell from the flying “New World.” Sora no Otoshimoto is the story about Tomoki and his friends in the “New World Discovery Club” as they go about their daily life and see what else the “New World” has in store for them.

Forte picks up where the original stopped, but don’t worry, you don’t really need to watch the previous series to enjoy the series. (Though you might want to watch the opening of the first season to get the first joke)

To start off, this first episode is quite hilarious if you don’t mind perverted slapstick humor. Right after the intro ends, a satire of the first season’s op starts with the male lead, Tomoki entering the screen naked and doing other things that are part of Tomoki’s perverted nature. (Troll opening xD) The rest of episode follows a slightly predictable exploration of each of the main human character’s dreams, but these dreams are quite amusing and have some humorous perverted jokes that are in contrast to the dreamer’s expected nature. (Trying to avoid spoilers) Of course there is also your typical fanservice, but I don’t think that needs much of a mention.

Besides all of the fanservice and jokes, the first episode also contains a glimpse of the dark underlying story behind Sora no Otoshimoto with the showing of the “New World” This part was not introduced very well in the episode, so here is a quick introduction with some spoilers: In the sky, there exists a godlike being who rules the floating continent, Synapse. For some reason that is still unknown, he built servant robots called Angeloids. If an Angeloid ever disobeys him, the Angeloid will be tortured in anyway that this higher being wants, ranging from electric shock to killing the things you have personal attachments with. This godlike guy holds a cruel iron fist over Synapse.

Now you might be asking, how does this tie in with the main story? Remember how Icarus is an Angeloid; she somehow escaped from Synapse and the contract binding Icarus to the godlike guy, so this godlike guy becomes enraged and sends Angeloids down to kill Icarus and Tomoki. Still, what is this man’s goal? Why did Icarus land in some empty farming town? What is to be gained by killing a silly perverted kid? What is happening on this floating continent that allows weapons of mass production be produced without being noticed? If Sora no Otoshimoto actually covers the plot, this and a much more tangled plot line covering the utopia/dystopia the Angeloids live in will slowly be revealed. (Sorry if I did not do the storyline justice; I am trying to work on my storytelling skills, so please bear with me. The real plot behind Sora no Otoshimoto is definitely worth watching, if it is shown…)

To add on to this great first episode, the show also had great animation and solid background music. All the backgrounds have plenty of detail and decent lighting, and the background music actually contributes to the episode. (I guess these things are sort of expected for a 2010 anime series, so I won’t expand too much on this topic. But, I still think it is worth a short mention.)

I have really high hopes for this series, but I am pretty sure most of my dreams will be not be fulfilled. I would be ecstastic if the action arcs, Chaos’s arc (type Epsilon) and Kazane Hiyori’s arc (type Zeta), are animated decently, but I know the previous season’s fight between Nymph and Ikaros was not very impressive. In addition to that, I am pretty sure almost every episode will degrade to fanservice and perverted jokes with no plot like last season, but if they somehow can deliver on the plot, action scenes, and humor, this could be one of the best series this season.

Episode 1:
Technical rating: 3/5
Personal rating: 4/5

P.s. If you have time, read Watashi no Messiah-sama, written by the same mangaka who wrote Sora no Otoshimono, but unlike Sora no Otoshimono, Watashi no Messiah-sama actually focuses on the dark plotline, a great read.


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