[First Impressions] MM!

HAI ppl!

Next up this season is a show about a hardcore masochist, yay? Oh look, there are other people with psychological problems too. Besides the S&M twist, this series sounds like a typical fanservice series, but how well does MM! actually do? Let us go get some cleavers and spiked clubs to solve the masochist’s problem and maybe also solve the witch’s epitaph.

First off, this episode feels really rushed, so I am not exactly sure what the background story is. Still, I am pretty sure something is better than nothing, so here is what I could compile of the story: Sado Tarou is masochist; more specifically, he enjoys being abused by beautiful girls. To save him from this problem, his best friend, Tatsukichi Hayama, advises him to go to the Second Voluntary Club, a slightly shady club known for not actually solving anything. There he meets Mio Isurugi, who proclaims to be God, and Arashiko Yuno, the one who caused Tarou’s masochists behavior problems. From here on out, Mio tries her “best” to solve Tarou’s problems.

If someone’s best involves, slicing someone with a sword and and smashing someone with a bat, they are probably not curing the patient’s masochism, but they do create some amusing scenarios. These ridiculous scenarios that filled the first episode (hopefully these situations are not normal for you) setup some hilarious S&M jokes, but after finishing the episode, I think that is all MM! has to offer. Almost every joke throughout the entire episode was an S&M joke that is somehow is related to Tarou’s masochism, so the lack of variety of jokes was quite annoying and boring.

In addition to the reptitive humor, the plot of the first episode felt excessively rushed with almost nothing being explained. The anime takes you from the club room to Tarou’s house to a Tarou’s job to a “confession” in a period of 3 minutes. Not only are characters just shoved in front of the viewers, but also leave the viewers eyes before the viewer gets a chance to find out about the character.

To redeem this show from all of its shortcomings, the show has solid animation with a catchy opening and ending, but decent animation is sort of expected for a 2010 anime show. Still, the opening and ending caught my attention while they lasted.

At the of episode, I am not really sure what to look forward to in this series. The plot and characterization are quite lackluster right now, and decent animation and music doesn’t get you very far these days. Unless you don’t get bored of the same type of S&M jokes being repeated over and over again or MM! gets some new jokes, MM! will be a fairly unappealing show to most people.

Technical Rating: 3/5
Personal Rating: 2/5

(Tried a different style of writing for this piece. Hopefully it did not turn out too bad.)


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