[First Impressions] Bakuman

(Not sure who to credit for this picture, so credits to the maker)

HAI ppl.

I am pretty sure a lot of you have gotten a little tired of seeing the slew of animes about harems, endless power ups, moe, and more…. (well, I guess there are some genres you can’t tired of) Today, we have something a little more unique, an anime on how to become a professional mangaka, and to make the this sound nicer, the Death Note duo wrote the original manga the anime is adapted from. Lets see how well more original topics can do, and hopefully nothing got lost in the transition between manga to anime.

Synopsis: (pretty much a summary for the first episode)
Mashiro is your typical dreamless student. One day, Mashiro leaves his notebook with a sketch of Azuki, the girl he loves, in class. Since Mashiro wanted to keep the sketch a secret, he heads straight back to class to find Takagi, one of the smartest students at school, hold Mashiro’s notebook hostage.  Takagi promises to give Mashiro back the notebook if Mashiro is willing to write manga with Takagi. Mashiro refuses because he knows how his uncle, a professional mangaka, died because of the manga industry, but Takagi refuses to give up. Takagi brings Mashiro to Azuki to show that Azuki is striving to become a professional voice actress, so in response to Azuki’s dream, Takagi confesses and asks Azuki to promise to marry him if she is the voice actor for the main heroine in the anime for the manga Takagi and him will create. Azuki promises, but how will Mashiro and Takagi climb up to the path to an anime?


Maybe it is just me, but this was probably not the best manga to adapt into an anime. Like Death Note, Bakuman has a lot of details, esp on the process to get manga published and keep it being published, so after hearing these facts and statistics for an extended period of time, they sound like a long droning lecture and not an entertaining piece of work. Unlike the manga where you can set your own quick pace, the anime forces you to follow the long 25 minute episode of explanations with very little comedy or drama. Luckily, the Bakuman anime  is very faithful to the manga, so you could potentially skim the anime to skip these less entertaining scenes.

To further to add to my frustration, Bakuman probably has one of the lowest quality animations of the entire season. There were so many blank walls and dull backgrounds. T_T It didn’t help that the confession scene was mostly a set of close-up pans, one of the cheapest animation techniques. To top it off, the ending is mostly just a few screenshots on a plain background with a moving border. I know the ending is supposed to have a manga-like feel, but the animators could have animated the drawing of the picture or something else more entertaining. I really hope this is the only case of bad animation this season.

For everything else in the show, they are okay. I don’t really have many comments on the music or characterization, so I’ll just leave this small note here.

Bakuman is a great manga, but I don’t know if its anime counterpart is really worth watching. The anime brings so little to the table compared to the original manga, but on the other hand, the manga has many more advantages in speed and quality art. As a result, I am tottering between a 1 and a 2 for my personal rating, but I am pretty sure I am going to drop this series very soon.

Technical Rating: 2/5

Personal Rating: 2/5

Note: I tried changing up the style of the post again. Please tell me what you think, so I can improve upon it. Also, I am working on my storytelling skills, so I will try to get my synopsizes better in the future.


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