[First Impressions] Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute)

HAI ppl

mmmm… Ice cream. Ice Cream is so much better than a treasure trove of anime and h-games. Sadly, I don’t have any ice cream on hand right now. T_T Next up this season is Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, or OreImo for short. It is about a girl’s secret stash of anime and h-games. Hopefully there is some ice cream hidden in there.

Kyousuke Kousaka is just another average student (how many school related animes start off with this? xD) who has had a poor relationship with his genius little sister, Kirino, for the past few years. One day, Kyousuke discovers an anime DVD in his house with a R-18 game in it, so he tries to subtly question his family about it. After Kyousuke laid a few hints about having found the DVD, that night, Kirino sneaks into Kyousuke’s room trying to get back the DVD, but Kyousuke catches her. For some reason or another, in response, Kirino shows Kyousuke her hidden anime and h-game collection that she is addicted with. How will Kyousuke’s and Kirino’s brother and sister relationship develop now as Kirino’s secret is revealed?

As you probably already tell, the storyline for this series is a little more unique than usual with a girl playing h-games, but I am pretty sure this storyline is similar to some other storyline(s) out there. If you happen to know one of those storylines, what am I watching this show for? To start, this show is hilarious with plenty of great jokes ranging from slapstick humor to irony. Okay, I can’t describe humor well, but you should really watch episode 1 just for the jokes. What if you don’t like the jokes either? I find it a little hard to believe but it happens. The only other thing that I think can appeal to you is the animation.

Not only was the episode entertaining, but the episode has some of the best animation I have seen all season. Like most decent animations, OreImo has detailed accurate backgrounds, but they also take the detail a few steps forward. For example, the animators received permission from various game publishers to use the cover art and titles of their works, so when there was a stack of visual novels and h-games, all the games in the stack could easily be identified by the names on the box and box cover art. Besides these minor details, there were also a decent number of CG scenes throughout the show to give some scenes the extra detail and realism that they need. The combination of all these successes in animation create a experience that is worthwhile to see.

The only that I was just decent in the show was the music. It fits but it was nothing special.

If you have time this season, this is probably one of the shows you should watch. Great jokes with slick animation and a decent storyline make OreImo have on of the best starting episodes of this season.  Sadly, I don’t like giving out 5s without a show excelling at all areas, but I don’t want to give this show a  lowly 4; I feel indecisive if I use a number with decimals, but I think I will make an exception if the rating is above 4. (As you can probably guess, the points were docked because the music was only okay)

Technical Rating: 4
Personal Rating 4.5

Picture that actually shows characters from the show:

Lemme join in the fun:

I’ve read a few chapters of the original light novel last summer. I could say I was pretty entertained. Then the drama CD came out. Got it in a jiff. Also found it very pleasing.

When the news of an anime for it came, I was like “OMGWTFBBQ YESSSSS!”. And they did not disappoint. OreImo’s style and value are pretty much intact for an adaptation. The animation values are amazing, and since they used the voice casting from the drama CDs, I didn’t hear any voice that seemed out of place. Furthermore, they were very, and I mean very faithful to the light novels. I expect very good things from this anime.

Now then, if you excuse me, I’ll be hunting for moar pics made by Carnelian~

P. S.: @blissfulyoshi Concerning the detail of the eroge packages… there’s a bit of a controversy around that… I myself am wary (Since I read eroge, after all)

Don’t hog everything. >_>


Anyways, blissfulyoshi has been bugging me about this anime. I took a bite of it and I felt a heavenly mixture of ice cream, moe, and humiliation (Kirino is quite odd to force his brother play with her h-games with the imouto genre while he’s beside her) . I’d agree with the animations and the humor being great. The storyline’s grip on the viewer is also good; considering that most details about the storyline is told along with the jokes itself. Unfortunately, the music inserts and the theme songs were kinda bland and I barely noticed them playing while watching the anime.


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