[First Impressions] The World God Only Knows

HAI ppl

The capturing god has come to seal your fate, whether you live in the 2D world or reality. Welcome to the anime adaptation of one of the most popular manga of our time, not Naruto…, but The World God Only Knows. I am pretty sure most know readers have read or have least heard of the story, so lets see how Keima fares with the colored 2D world. (If you don’t know the story, I will leave the synopsis below, but you should read the manga if possible.)

Keima is a man man who can capture any girl in any dating sim, better known online as “The Capturing God.” One day, a mysterious letter comes challenging him to capture a girl. As a god, Keima can’t back down from a challenge like that, so of course he accepts. As a result, a demon from Hell, called Elsee comes to Keima and says he must now help her capture spirits by falling in love with real girls. If Keima refuses, he will die! How will Keima face reality and capture these 3D girls while still playing his video games?

As much as I want TWGOK to impress me, the first episode of TWGOK feels a little rushed. The jokes dealing with Mario and other parodies were all dropped in favor of getting through Ayumi’s arc in one episode. Personally, I don’t think this was a good trade because the humor that was lost was what made the manga unique and interesting, but I should probably move away from comparing this anime with the manga and instead talk about how it did as a form of entertainment. Even though some jokes were taken out, there are still quite a other jokes ranging from your normal comic mischief to comparisons between the 2D and 3D world. Even if you don’t really care for the humor, the storyline of TWGOK is quite unique and interesting, and the anime delivers the storyline decently. Still, I know that some of you already have read the manga many times over, and you don’t care about the storyline and stuff related to it; you rather hear more about the stuff that make the anime unique.

With the storyline and its storyelling in the anime being slightly above mediocre, you probably are wondering how does the rest of the show fare? The animation for the series is okay. There are a few times where I wish the backgrounds was a little more detailed but the unique animation style used for the op and the comical style (use of actual words and other techniques related to comics) throughout the show make up for that slight downfall. As for the music, it contributes quite a bit to the episode. The music is quite audible when it is played and really helps set up the scenarios throughout the episode. The only time the music felt strange to me was the opening because the opening seems like a mesh of styles of music fused together to form a song. All I can really say about the opening is that it is unique xD!

As an anime, TWGOK does an okay job. With a relatively unique storyline, some humor and a decent musical score, the anime does deliver some entertainment. Though if you loved the manga, you might be slightly disappointed by the missing jokes and explanations. On a last note, I really wish Keima’s VA had a slightly deeper voice because he does not really sound like a commanding god-like figure right now.


Technical Rating: 3/5
Personal Rating: 3/5


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