[First Impressions] The rest of the season

Sadly I was busy for the past week studying for a midterm, so I could not find time to write what I thought about the first episode of each of this season’s shows. (Sadly some shows have hit their 2nd and 3rd episode at the time of writing) To make up for it, here is my quick personal rating on all the shows I didn’t rate yet. Hopefully, the uncertainty principle does not play too big of a role in the ratings. (Oh wait, the uncertainty principle only plays a part in momentum in position. T_T I need to find an equation to govern the uncertainty of ratings)

Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku: 4/5
Great music and great animation, but I am a little worried about the storyline. Still, this show has my favorite op this season curently (not really sure why, I just grew to like it after a while), and I don’t care too much about a harems storyline as long as it finds some way to entertain me.

Kuragehime: 2.5/5
Okay humor and characters I can’t sympathize with, that sounds like a josei show. You might like the humor, but I am probably not going to follow it.

Otome Youkai Zakuro: 3.5/5
Another show exploring the discrimination against nonhuman creatures, but they did a fairly good job at making sure the tone was not too serious. Characterization was nice, and the music was decent. I guess my only complaint is that the action scenes are not following the classic shonen fight scenes xD.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: 2.5/5
Perverted slapstick humor is definitely not my cup of tea, but the show wasn’t too bad.

Psychic Detective Yakumo: 2.5/5
Fitting atmosphere, but the first mystery is pretty stupid imo. Oh well, it would develop well, but lets say that the first episode was not great.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume: 2/5
Way too many jokes were lost in translation, so if you don’t know japanese well, this is probably not worth watching.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: 2.5/5
Great animation, but I don’t think I was laughing at any of the jokes. I knew they were jokes, but they weren’t funny.

Star Driver: 4/5
Decent all around, but beware of the gay hero.  Moving on.

Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector: 3/5
Very confusing storyline coupled with a decent mech action and a decent op.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: 2/5
………A story about snotty stupid girls who lost their powers, probably not going to be very entertaining. Still, if they get their powers back, then maybe I’ll watch it.

To aru Majutsu no Index II: 3/5
Lack luster first ep with a fairly boring villain. Still, we have Accelerator coming up in some arc, so there is hope xD. As for the rest of the first episode, the characters developed decently, so out of fanboyism, I gave the first episode a 3.

Togainu no Chi: 2/5
Since I am not the type of person to care about hot guys, this show is just depressing. This is an action show with one of the worse animation budgets of this season. The action scenes were so lackluster that…….

Yosuga no Sora: 1/5
Nudity + strange relationships = No, Thank you

Sorry there are no pictures in the article. I personally thinks it looks a little weird if only some series have pictures, and I think it looks really busy when every show has a picture. In other news, when every show that I will follow has their third episode, I will rerate some the shows. (Assuming the wave equation governing my motivation says that the position of my motivation is realtively high) Until then, make sure to watch the bishonen hero fire out Master Sparks.

In case you were wondering, my midterm was on quantum mechanics, so sorry for those weird related jokes.


3 responses to “[First Impressions] The rest of the season

  1. Index S2 had a friendly 1st ep, considering the good introduction. Also, I think it was reasonable for them to place a “boring villain” so people wouldn’t expect an apparent surprise in the following episodes.

    As for Yosuga no Sora…I’m deeply disappointed.

  2. @jockey: The problem with Index S2 first ep, for me, was that it didn’t really hook me in and attract me to the series. I guess it was okay for people who already liked season 1, but it needs to attract a new audience too to become (more) successful

    As for Yosuga no Sora, the nudity really turned me off, so I’ll just Listen (to what other ppl say about the series to see if I’ll continue to watch it, probably not happening)

  3. Personally I found Index 2 to have a nice intro. The lackluster of the first episode was perfect for the people who just started watching the series.

    As for Yosuga no Sora, I’m watching it for the HaruxSora twincest. Nudity my ass, I read eroge.

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