Lyrics Remix Desu (Ironic Ed.)

Life has been nice to me, but I don’t know how to respond. Since there are all these words piled up inbetween us, I made these words into a little game.

Objective: In the following letter, there are references to the openings and endings of this season. (Note: The references are referring to the titles of the ops/eds not the translated lyrics) Your goal is to link together phrases and lines of the letter with what the op/ed they are referencing and the anime the op/ed came from. (Note: All the opening and endings used below have an official English title,  so  translated names like Best Wishes are not answers to this to this puzzle (sorry to all the Pokemon fans). Also I did not reference any series that is constantly ongoing (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail,…), so any use of their opening and endings in the following lines is completely coincidental and not worth points xD.)

1. You are only allowed 15min
2. You must not look at any other webpage besides this page for the duration of the trial
3.  Have fun

naming the anime opening/ending = 4 pts
naming the anime the opening/ending came from = 6 pts
wrong answer = -2 pts

(Note: One of the phrases in the letter can refer to 2 different series, so you can get 10 pts if you list both song titles and both anime series)

Example: (Here is how write down your answers for the game)
While reading the letter below, you notice the phrase “I miss you.” When you see it a light sparks in your head and you think of the song “Missing You” from Shinrei Tantei Yakumo. If you write down, Missing You and Shinrei Tantei Yakumo on your answer sheet (whatever it may be) you will be awarded the full 10 pts (I hope you notice that I am giving you a free 10 pts here)


Dear my friend,

I miss you.
It has been so long since we last met.  Seasons have come and gone, the blue bird have migrated to and from, yet I still have not seen your face. Why can’t you visit me? Why can’t I see you? Why? I know that your studies in your library are important, but does that mean that I will never feel your presence again. You might be discovering a way to generate a zero gravity field or making weapons to fight against aliens from other cosmos, but does that mean you can’t even spare a fraction of a second for me.
Instead of locking yourself inside your fortress of stone, join me in this magical world of life. I know that you are shy, but please cross over the boundary of stone and see joys illuminated by the bright lights of the outside world. For example, look at the downtown area with its dazzling array of lights shining throughout the land below,  stare at the moon creating its signals of light in the night sky, or find me who is always here waiting for you.
So please, help me help you. Don’t be afraid of the sunshine. You are not some fallen angel in hiding. No matter what, I’ll be right there to guide you so I can see you and your smiling face experience this amazing world.
So please consider my suggestion and end your ironic lifestyle.

Best Wishes


Answer Key:

Ranking Chart:
0 – 8 = You know this game? Yeah you just lost.
⑨ = You are the str⑨ngest genius You know that it is impossible to reach this score with the current rules
10 – 25 = You found the 10 free points, gz
26 – 50 = For better or for worse, you’re normal What defines normal anyway?
51 – 100 = You are both halfway up and halfway down, oh the irony.
100 – 149 = Any more and you’ll surpass me
150 = You have no life, don’t you?

I hope you had fun, and stop looking at me with those eyes. I don’t know how to react, but maybe someday, I will be able to show you my smile.

(Remember, games are more fun with friends, so stop being stubborn and share this game with others xD)


4 responses to “Lyrics Remix Desu (Ironic Ed.)

  1. If this was audio I could easily do it, but since I never pay attention to the english karaoke lyrics, I would probably only get a few. Even still, these are probably based off of fansubs and are thus subject to inaccuracy, especially if you used gg’s subs since gg don’t actually sub Anime, they just make shit up.

  2. Thx for playing Rubedo.

    As far as I researched, all the song titles I used in the letter are the official names for the songs. I am pretty sure I removed all of the songs with translated names, but if you think I made a made a mistake, please point out a mistake and I will check it out asap.

    Edit: I made the directions more clear now, sorry for any misunderstanding people had about the directions of the game.

  3. I find it weird that other people are now bumping in here…

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