[Review] Sora no Otoshimono: Forte

What is love?
Baby don’t hurt me
What is love?…..

What is love? Today we get to talk about Chaos and her wonderful adventures of love, so let’s go share this wonderful story of love everywhere. If you talk about how love is such a sweet illusion, I can’t deny I would be faced with a tricky tem-pu-ta-tion.

Plot: There was an angeloid named Chaos who was curious about love. She tried interrogating some people to see if they could tell her what love is. Sadly, to no avail, her actions led her to be dumped into the ocean. Luckily the ocean had plenty of lessons to teach about love. After learning all that she can, Chaos went to share what she learned about love with the world.

Actual plot summary: One day, an angel shaped robot, an angeloid, fell from the sky, and a perverted student, Tomoki Sakurai, picked her up and became her master. As time, passed, various angeloids from the Synapse, place where angeloids live, came to attack Tomoki and take back his angeloid, Ikaros. Expectedly, Tomoki wants to live in peace with Ikaros, so Tomoki, with the aid of his freinds fight back against this foreign threat. How will they learn to stop a threat from some place they know almost nothing about, especially a place ruled by a “god”? Oh well, you can find out more in the few storyline episodes in the series. Otherwise, enjoy the fanservice episodes (There are a lot of them).

Music: What is love? There are plenty of songs in this show. There is an opening and a customized ending song for every episode, yet my sensor does not react at all. I guess there is no love here. There are no songs I really cared for in the series, but I do give them credit for having a new ending every single episode, especially since each ending is customly made for the episode.

Animation: AIC animation makes my sensors react. Please teach me why my sensors are reacting. Is this love? AIC! Yay! Oh yeah, don’t forget the amazingly creative episode 2 ending video.

Enjoyment: This is the stuff that is supposed to make me love something, so if I figure what made me react in this anime, I will find out what love is? Lets see. I got to share my love with the fishies, Nymph, Ikaros, Astrea, Tomoki, and more. Still, that is not enough, I need to share my love with more people. Since there is not much storyline, action,  or Chaos in the series, your enjoyment will vary mostly on how much you like  fanservice and perverted jokes (well moe too if you count Nymph).Since I already read most of the fanservice chaps in the manga, I wasn’t very entertained by them, but I can’t say I hated it for any reason. With characters like Judas and Astrea, it is sort of hard to not smile at times, and with nice action scenes with Chaos and Astrea (Yay! large swords), Sora no Otoshimono is definitely not a boring show.

I’ll create a sheet talking about the ratings some other time. For now, just accept them ^_^

Plot: Way too many fanservice episodes in comparison to actual storyline episodes. Still, the storyline episodes were nice to watch. 4/10
Music: A nice variety, but nothing great 7/10
Animation: AIC, enough said. 7/10
Enjoyment: Too many fanservice episodes + a few really short solid action scenes + entertaining dialogue 6/10

Technical Rating: 6/10
Personal Rating: 7/10
Chaos’s Rating: <3/10 What does this mean!???

With Chaos spreading the messages of love, I sincerely hope you will discover what love is and spread your message of love because actions mean nothing in this world without love. Why is this here? That is for me to know and you to find out xD.

Disclaimer: Chaos did not have any part in today’s review… You can probably guess the rest of  the disclaimer message.


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