[Review] The World God Only Knows

In the world that keeps on changing
Don’t know why my heart is aching

HAI ppl

Today, we will talk about the amazing duet between the Capturing God and firetrucks!!! In celebration of what happened yesterday, everything will be done in high tension! So lets show off our youth by finding those firetrucks! If you are asking why we like these firetrucks, just look at them. What do they make you say? CUTE!!!

Plot: Keima, the capturing God (of galges), has been challenged to the greatest challenge of all time by hell: to capture living and breathing girls! (These real life girls contain escaped spirits that need to be captured, but who cares about that)  With his life on the line, Keima accepts this challenge and is now forced to make capture 3-d girls.

If you never read the manga before, the plot is really unique unique, it just screams the signs of youth, but the overarching plot is definitely not the reason to watch/read this series because that is not where the burning power of the true source of entertainment lies. For the arcs in the anime, focus on how the girl is captured because that is what creates drama and humor. I’ll talk about it more in the enjoyment section, but sadly the plot felt like it was dragging on during a few of the arcs.  Because of this, I really did not like the animes execution of  TWGOK’s plot.

Music: Do you like Engrish? Well if you do, this will probably be the BEST opening you have ever heard! If you hate it, this will probably be the Worse opening this season for you! If you don’t really care if it is engrish or not, then you won’t have burning emotions toward the song. If you want to learn a little bit more about the opening, the opening can be separted into 3 parts. The first potion of the song sounds like a standard verse that leads up to the second more powerful chorus of the song. Sadly, the third part hits all too soon with a bunch of short slurred phrases in a less energetic manner (T_T don’t know the right words), so the ending  of the opening a little annoying to listen to. Oh well, besides that, the endings are okay, excluding the final ending which is just TROLLING!!! Since the background music fits the show like its supposed to, the last really notable things are the insert songs that are supposed to show the brightness of youth, but does it? With an arc about Kanon, an idol, Kanon’s songs are the most common insert songs in the show, and disappointingly, these songs sound fairly bad with Kanon’s VA not able to harness a strong volumn control with a wide vocal range that is needed for songs to show off their youth. Not exactly sure if youth is the right word, but oh well. As a result, the verses and the chorus sund similar and do not show off Kanon’s youthful flame. As for the other insert songs, they are usually parts or the full version of the opening, so the emotion that the opening drew within you, you will probably carry the same fiery emotions for the full version. was sort of sad that they kept on playing the instrumental part that leads up to the third verse but never actually playing the third verse (third verse = op of the anime).

Animation: Responive characters + Nice detail. This is slightly better than the average AIC show this season, so I’ll give it the burning grade it requires!!!

Enjoyment: Disappointingly, there are are quite a few shortcomings in TWGOK’s anime that hinder it from showing its true flames. First off, multiple arcs/fillers series are prolonged till their flames become extinguished, especially Kanon’s arc. When you make an episode that has maybe 5 min of content and use lackluster insert songs to fill use the rest of the timeslot, you know that you are watching a boring show, except that was what Kanon’s arc final episode was. Besides having its flame being frozen by the drawn out episodes, TWGOK loses more of ts flame from its forced humor. During the early part of the season, there were multiple inserts that tried to be humorous, but the inserts have such unique settings like mountian alps or coastal cliffs that are not led into by the rest of the episode. As a result, the inserts feel forced and not propagating the flame of the show like it should. Still, at the end of the series, the humor got BETTER to bring back some heat to the coals lighting this series.  Sadly, I can’t really talk about the drama the anime creates since the manga spoiled everything already xD. Personally, I don’t think that the series has a fairly weak sense of drama with the prolonged arcs, but I don’t think I am in a good position to rate this.

In the end, Enjoyment of the show can be separated can mostly be decided by your expectations of the anime. If you never read the manga, you will probably find the premise of the story unique and the humor original. Even though there are some drawbacks that I mentioned above, the setting and plot was meant to give you a great time and story, so I am sure you will it entertaining. If you read the manga and want an accurate adaptation of it, you might be a little dismayed by the lack of Mario jokes and all of these shortcomings, but everything else is there if you really want it. With the weak execution of a lot of the early episodes I am not exactly the anime is something all readers should watch. On the other hand, the ending was done decently, so I have high hopes for next season, but until the review for the second season comes out, my expectations will have to stay on the backburner for a while. Sorry, I guess I was running low on youthful passion by the end of the review. I wanted to have more TENSION, but I guess I failed on that front.

Plot: 6/10
Music: 5/10
Animation: 8/10
Enjoyment: 6/10

Techincal Rating: 6/10
Personal Rating 5/10

(12/24) Edit 1: Changed Technical Rating to more accurately reflect the other ratings.


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