[Review] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Why don’t I miss you a lot, for-ev-er!!!

HAI ppl!

Next up on our review list is the moe series of the season (I don’t think there were any other series this season was as focused on moe as this one) If you read my first impressions, you might be wondering how I bared to watch this whole season. Well, I did xD!

Plot: Since we all know  that the plot is almost nonexistant, I’ll keep this short. A detective group called, Milky Holmes, lost their super powers. This is the story of their daily lives and their quest to get back their powers.

In a quick summary, if you watch this show for plot, I have no idea what you are doing.

Music: This is actually one of the upsides of the series. The opening is your typical cute pop song but it was slightly catchier than the norm. The ending sort of surprised me with another catchy song with a strong beat and strong vocals. You can’t go too wrong with Faylan singing the ed. Still, neither of the 2 songs were that great, but they definitely were not bad either.

Animation: I am pretty sure that JC staff did not give this show a very large budget and it shows in their animation. There times where are “action scenes” with one person standing still while people right next to him are shooting out attacks, a very weird scenario. Besides that, there are your typical static characters and lack of detail in some backgrounds. The only thing that was sort of unique about the animation was the hand drawn feel of the drawings and shading, so unless you like that art style, the art will not be appealing to you. I might have exaggerated a bit here, since the animation is probably not that far from the norm, but there really wasn’t really anything impressive about the animation in Milky Holmes.

Entertainment: If you don’t mind the cheesiest jokes you have ever heard, having those jokes be repeated every episode or so, then this show is not that bad, but since most people do not fall in that category, this show will cause most of its viewers to cry tears of pain and sadness and how bad the jokes are at times. After saying all that, you probably wonder how much I am exaggerating things. It surely can’t be that bad right? Sadly yes it can. If you enjoy jokes about the erection of men’s nipples and overreacting to stupid scenarios, I guess I exaggerated things a bit too much, but for everyone else out there, yeah….. Then again, after watching it for a while, you might start laughing at some of these jokes, not sure why xD The jokes gets slightly better as the season progresses, as your expectations of the series drops. (Well, your expectations might hit rock bottom by the first or second ep, so …… yeah xD)

On another note, besides the poor humor, the earlier episodes do not have much moe appeal with lack of moe humor and cute scenes, but this is also improved on by the end of the series.


Because of the final episode, I also have to make one more note. The last episode of Milky Holmes is the best episode in the whole series!!! I know this means so much by now. I am not sure if my expectations dropped next to 0 or that the last episode was actually good, but at least a few minutes of the final episode were entertaining to watch.

Plot: 3/10
Music: 7/10
Animation: 5/10
Entertainment: 4/10
Technical Rating: 5/10
Personal Rating: 4/10

I read a few reviews that supported this series, but I really did not see much that could redeem it even considering the final ep and its troll ending. If you watched MM! this season, imagine that and increase it too the next level of stupidity, change the setting a bit, and you will get Milky Holmes, so if you really want to see that, be my guest, but otherwise avoid this show.


One response to “[Review] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

  1. I haven’t watched this. But if I will, I’ll do it for the moe~ 萌え万歳!!!!~~~

    Tanihara Natsuki’s (the original character designer for Milky Holmes) art is just too CUTE!

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