[Review] MM!

HAI ppl

Welcome back to our story of love. Well, technically this is the story of pain, but pain is love, right? Chaos will definitely have something to say about this. Well maybe not, but with masochist, sadist, and a bunch of other strange things, a lot of pain will be shared in the characters attempt to share their love.

Plot: Taro Sado is a hardcore masochist. To find a cure to this problem, Sado visits the Voluntary Club, a club made to solve problems, and finds the person who made him a masochist. How will Sado fix his masochism now?

If you wondering why the plot summary is so short, the plot is almost nonexistent in the story, so it is probably better if you just don’t pay attention to it. It will probably cause you more pain to actually pay attention to the plot.

So pain is love, right?

Animation: T_T I can’t have an easy time by just saying it is AIC xD.  Since this is not AIC, lets see how it compares. First off in comparison to AIC, the characters are a little more static in their interactions with each other (character don’t look at each other talking, some characters stay still while other characters are doing something ) When comapring colors though, MM! has a very vivid color scheme that really brings out a lot of dresses, better than I have seen than some others this season. Everything else I saw seems comparable to a typical AIC show, so as a result, for this review, the animation for MM! will receive the same rating as a typical AIC show.

Still, decent animation used on a plotless story, some people will be in pain. Well, pain is love, right?

Music: Both the opening and ending for this series are rather catchy and sort of fun to listen to once or twice, but after that, the songs lose their luster and go away for your memory. In the end, you may long for a catchier song, but pain is love, right?

Enjoyment: Your enjoyment of show will rely almost completely on how much you enjoy their humor which tends to be a slapstick humor that insults your intelligence combined with a touch of satire. If you want to know what their humor is like, one day Sado suffers from anmesia, so his sister and his mother both convince him that he made them pregnant. Afterward, Sado then misinterprets things and thinks he made his best friend pregnant too. As you can probably tell, the humor goes over the top on how stupid it can become, causing you great pain, but pain is love, right? No! You might have came upon the idea that both people must give something for it to be love. As a result, you start laughing at how stupid the show can become… Then you realize that most of your previous theories about love are wrong. I won’t bother discussing my theories of love here, but you can probably see the point I am making about MM!’s sense of humor.

Before I forget, the show does have an otaku character that has small references to things like black rock shooter and Bardiche. If you are the type of person that enjoys finding small references like these, you might enjoy searching for them in this show.

In the end, this show is only for those who like its humor, If you want plot, something serious, or action, MM! should be avoided. If you think you might like its humor, watch 2-3 epsiodes and see if you like it. And please remember that love is not pain, nor does it require both parties.

Note: If you did not get the running joke throughout the whole review, read Sora no Otoshimono ch.46

Plot: 3/10
Animation: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Enjoyment: 5/10

Technical Rating: 5/10
Personal Rating: 6/10

And as we all know, no anime is complete without cake, esp strawberry cake.


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