[First Impressions] Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Marisa stole the precious thing!!! (Well, I guess that precious thing wasn’t so precious)

HAI ppl!

Even though I didn’t get to finish up everything from last season yet, Winter 2011 has started (well technically it started with Starry Sky, but I have no plans to watch that). First up this season, is a fanservice filled gambling show about a slot machine character, so lets open up the fireworks and start this season hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. It might be a little late to do that sadly.

Plot: …There is one???…. Rio is a dealer that makes everyone around her have ridiculous luck at the casino. This is the story of the life/adversities she faces…

Basically this show is fanservice and not much else. Please don’t watch this for the plot .

Animation: The animation for this show is everywhere… The beginning starts out with some very impressive pannings of a detailed cityscape, but this awe quickly disappears with the huge amount of static characters start appearing on screen. After that, we see a fairly fluid action scene, but like if they have nothing else to do, there is a minute long section that is dedicated to watching people’s boobs shake. Luckily after that, the animation becomes a bit more normal rotating between scenes of static characters and fairly dynamic characters.

Music: With an ending, (is it going to be the opening in the next episode, I am not sure), that does 1, 2 ,3, 1, 2, 3,… for a while, there is only 1 thing that really came into my mind, Marisa stole the precious thing!!! Overall the ending was not exactly to my taste with the vocalist singing higher pitched voice than I cared for in a song with a fairly bland opening to the song. As for everything else, the background music fit, but there was nothing special about it to my knowledge. Also, there was no opening to this episode, so I can’t really rate that xD.

Entertainment: I am not exactly sure how you want me to be entertained by a show that has too much fanservice, a bad marriage proposal, a gambling event that had some really nonsensical storyline around it, and a fairly lack luster ending. I guess I liked the one action scene and a the initial pannings, but I think that is all I can give it credit for. Oh yeah, I forgot. I can give credit to this pose too xD:

Unless you want fanservice or you desperately want to watch a show about gambling, avoid this show.

Story: 1/5
Animation: 3/5
Music: 2/5
Entertainment: 1.5/5 (The 0.5 is for the action scene)

Technical Rating: 2/5
Personal Rating: 1.5/5


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