[First Impressions] Infinite Stratos

HAI ppl.

Next on the lineup for this season, is what looks like Strike Witches – moe + harem. Seriously though, this guy has a huge harem (basically the whole school if they really felt like it xD). Besides that, there is a great opening scene for the show, but can Infinite Stratos actually keep the flame burning and make a successful show?

Note: For clarity, I will call the show by its full name, Infinite Stratos, and call the exoskeletons ISs.

Note 2: Sorry for the very low quality pictures. I watched a fairly low quality video. I will try to replace the pictures later. Edit: T_T action scenes are so hard to find hq shots for without actually getting a hq dl.

Plot: Orimura Ichika is the only male in the world who can pilot an IS (Basically a mech exoskeleton. If you attach wings and maybe a sword to the Strike Witches striker unit, you will basically have the same thing). As a result, Ichika gets transferred to IS school, a previously all female school (for obvious reasons). How will Ichika live in such an environment while still trying to master the IS? A harem is pretty much guaranteed

The plot is sort of unique with the exoskeleton suit (well strike witches may have already done something similar, but oh well), but it is also a typical harem setting.  What other types of story drops a male in a place mostly inhabited by females? Besides the creativity or lack of creativity of the story, the hero has not been given a major goal yet, so I am really wondering how will the story develop. I guess like the rest of you, I will have to wait and find out.

Music: The music fits the series, but I can’t really say much else. The background music works, and both the opening the ending have lyrics that go with the series but neither song has any great vocals or instrumental sections that made me say wow.

Animation: The animation studio basically splurged all their budget on the beginning and left the rest of the show to rot. The beginning action scene is crazy. You can see all the bullets fly clearly in air, and know which bullet causes each explosion. In addition to that, all the ISs are shown in clear detail. It makes an amazing experience. You should probably watch the first 90s of the show if you have time. Sadly, those 90s are the good example of animation in the show. The rest of the show is filled with static characters, normal interactions, and repeated pannings of the school. I think they panned the same landmark 3 times. To add on to the pain, the ending animation just reeks of a low budget with 2 people running in place against a slowly panning picture of the sky.

Enjoyment: I am not exactly sure what to say here. I loved the opening scene, but besides that… The rest of the episode feels like a typical harem comedy with a main character that can’t react correctly to awkward scenarios (the typical awkward scenarios like seeing a girl right after she gets out of the shower), stock character builds like a noble who speaks with a huge amount of pride, and so on. I don’t really like docking points for lack of creativity since there is nothing new under the sun anyway, but nothing really spraked my interest in the rest of the episode.

As for the future of the show, with no idea of what the plot actually is, I doubt I will be watching this for the plot. I could not laugh at the jokes much. You know I don’t really care for fanservice. The only thing that really caught my eye in the show was the action scene, so I really hope they bring me more of that.

And of course, I have to find this pose in as many shows as possible xD.

Plot: 2.5/5
Music: 3/5
Animation: 3/5
Enjoyment: 2.5/5

Technical Rating: Since this show seems to have too many unknown factors, I think this rating is better left untouched until I can see what it does.
Personal Rating: 2.5/5


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