[First Impressions] Gosick

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It is better if you watch it. T_T I need to find a good way to put an animated version of the scene on the site.

mou ikai, mou ikai
watashi o douka korogashite to
-Rolling Girl
Hopefully I got the right lines. My understanding of Japanese is sort of limited T_T

HAI ppl

As you can guess by the intro, next in the queue in a show about a rolling girl. If you heard the rumors that this show was supposed to be similar to Sherlock Holmes and solve mysteries, well… rolling is more important than that! Hence, we should keep on rolling too.

Plot: As I stated earlier, it is about a rolling girl named, Victorique. She is a very intellectual individual who can both roll around and solve mysteries. Joining her are Kazuya Kujou, nicknamed the reaper but seems relatively boring for now, and Grevil, the guy with the “cool” hair. Together they go solving mysteries and supernatural phenomenon, so prepare yourself for mystery, drama, and rolling.

Rolling on, the plot for this will probably be like most mystery novels where you have the main characters get into a situation, a murder happens, and the detective will solve it. The first episode doesn’t really have any hints on what the over arching story is, but you know there were will be plenty of mysteries to be solve. Hopefully, we won’t be let down by the mysteries because the first mystery the show presents is sort of obvious.

Music: Music for this series fit quite nicely. The opening is an beat song with decent vocals and great use of drums, but I sort of wish the chorus has slightly stronger vocals. On the other hand, the ending is a darker song that didn’t really have anything that appealed to me. And before I start rolling on, the background music fits when it is there, but like most series there are only certain segments that actually have background music.

Animation: If you are a fan of scenery, landscape, and/or architecture, Gosick does a great job in detailed backgrounds that bring the splendor of the environment on to the screen. Okay I am exaggerating it quite a bit, but the backgrounds are nice. Besides the backgrounds, Gosick has a fairly standard animation with the standard details and static characters. As a note, instead of having something more standard, the opening uses an art style more suited for storybooks and fairy tales than an animated show.

Enjoyment: Rolling Girl!!! Victorique is quite cute when she rolls around. Besides her, the cast doesn’t really spark much of an interest, but I doubt you are here only for the cast but also the mysteries.  Sadly, as I stated earlier, the first mystery was  lack luster, but the mood and setting of the series really do give a mysterious vibe. As a result, I have good expectations for future mysteries.

Basically, even though the first episode was not that great mystery wise, Gosick has all the proper ingredients to make a great show.

I guess this is fairly close to the pose I want xD.

Plot: 2.5/5
Music: 3.5/5
Aniamtion: 3.5/5
Enjoyment: 3.5/5

Technical Rating: 3/5
Personal Rating 3.5/5 Rolling FTW!


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