[First Impressions] Yumekui Merry

HAI ppl.

On top of the stack is a show about nightmares and cats. You know that cat in the Nanoha movie who ate the Jewel Seed, something that will remind you of that sort of , not really… Whatever. In other news, IOSYS had a part in making the opening, so sit back and read the review while I listen to IOSYS’s C79 CD xD.

Plot: Every night, Fujiwara has a weird dream where he is fighting with cats in a surreal yet run-down cat-themed world. These cats continuously fight Fukiwara to somehow reach the real world, but how is fighting Fujiwara going to help? On another note, in the real world, a mysterious girl one day lands on Fukiwara. Fukiwara disregards the incident, on that same day Fujiwara lands in the dream world even though it is still in bright daylight. To add on to the mystery, the mysterious girl also appears in Fukiwara’s dream world. Who is this mysterious girl? How are the dream world and the real world related?

The plot is sort of unique with a very mysterious dream cat world and cats wanting to go into the real world, but then again, this plot is sort of similar to one of those stories where 1 unknown group living in some poor conditions is trying to escape through any means necessary, but some good guy blocks them from doing so and hunts them down. On the contrary, I believe is a little unfair to rate a show’s originality by only its first episode, so I’ll say the plot is okay for now.

Music: Metal! Yes, this was certainly on of the unexpected upsides of the show. The metal op composed by IOSYS and sung by a decent female vocalist makes a great start for a show.  The background music carries on what the op started with more guitars and other instruments giving the show a more mysterious feel, a solid fit for the show. For better or for worse, the ending is quite bright and cheerful and sort of generic. I guess it is decent way to end the episode though.

Animation: They used a small budget rather well in this series (or at least the series looks relatively low budget). The first episode has a lot of stills with little to no animation added on top. This really helps set the mysterious mood of the series, but they overuse this technique a lot, enough that the stills look more boring than anything else. Still, with good use of stills and very few crowd scenes, there were very few parts in the show where there were static characters, a great acheivement imo. On the other hand, the stills are making the show drag a bit, so I am a little worried to how people will react to seeing this many stills in episode 2.

Enjoyment: Disappointingly, this is also one of the slower shows this season with a lot of scenes focusing on stills to create the mood for the show, except there are way too many of these stills and extra scenes at times. Creating a decent setting while not being to slow is definitely going to be the big challenge for the show. To add on to my dismay, the action scenes had a of slowdowns and strange camera angles making it less engaging than it could have been. Still, I can’t deny that I did enjoy the music that went with the action section.

In the end, I don’t know how well I can bear with this series. If it continues to stay this slow, I’ll probably drop it. On the other, I do like what the show has accomplished so far, so I will probably stay with it for a while. I will just warn you that the rating for this show could drop a lot by the next episode.

Sry, couldn’t find the post this time T_T

Plot: 3/5
Music: 4/5
Animation 3/5
Enjoyment: 3/5

Technical Rating: 3/5
Personal Rating: 3.5/5


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