[First Impressions] Freezing

HAI ppl!

Being a Im Dal Young fan, this is one of the shows I looked forward to this season. After remembering how bad terrifying the lines were for Black God and how Freezing is a very fan-service filled comic, I had my doubts on how well the anime adaptation of Freezing would actually perform.

Plot: Kazuya Aoi lost his sister in a war against aliens called Novas 2 years ago. For some reason or another (the show makes it look like he did it in memory of his sister), Kazuya Aoi goes to learn at West Genetics, a school used to make girls into Pandoras, things that can fight Novas, and train others into helping Pandoras. I’ll let the anime explain the more technical things. There Kazuya Aoi meets Bridgette L. Satellizer, the untouchable queen, and thinks she is very similar to his sister. What fate do Kazuya Aoi and Bridgette L. Satellizer share in the future as tensions among classmates run high and the novas are still there waiting to invade Earth?

Note: The first episode explains a lot more of the technical things things used in the manga, if you can read English (I am not sure how you are reading this if you can’t), a good chunk of things are explained in the tiny english text around the first episode, so I advise you give these small sections a look.

The first episode provides a lot of backstory and information for the series. Talking about the backstory,  its execution was decent, giving you a decent sense of the situation the Pandoras were in, but the way they presented some of the information felt a little forced, so I am a little worried about how they will present information later on. As for where the plot is actually going later on, the anime did not really say what will happen, and I’ll discuss a little more about this later.

Music: Since continuous action scenes might not be the most entertaining thing in the world for everyone, the music used to accompany the action scenes is quite amazing. Disappointingly, the best part of the background music does not appear until the second half of the episode. To supplement this, the opening contains some strong vocals that make the opening a decent start to the show. Grievously, the music does not stay great all the way through. The ending was a j-pop fused with some electric or trance like elements, not exactly a genre that appealed to me esp since its execution was only okay.

Animation: The animation is fairly good at times but quite cheap at other times. The opening scene of the show starts with a fluid action scene with plenty of detail on that rainy field,but the scene quickly degrades. Following the opening, there are plenty of scenes where an action is being done and all you see is the aftereffect, blood flying out , instead of watching the cut be made, what the viewers want to see. Still, the budget for the show must have been fairly good because I did not notice any static characters, they actually animated people’s hair flowing in the wind, and avoided too many panning shots. The only other part where the animation might look cheap is the ending which has quite a bit of panning, but they can probably get away with it saying it was for style.

Enjoyment: With some decent action scenes and a nice ost, the biggest factor deciding if you want to watch this show is your tolerance of fanservice. If you love fanservice or can at least tolerate it and wanted a slightly cruel action show (if you liked HotD), Freezing is a great series for you. In the episode, they have plenty of battle scenes, with some scenes scenes showing breaking of bones and missing limbs. If you think fanservice demeans the point of serious moments or just think that fanservice is disgusting, you will hate this show with a burning passion because there are a lot of panty shots, bare tits and boobs, and ripped clothing throughout the episode. Besides the general fanservice, the other thing that might turn off people from watching the show is the ending scene in the show which makes the main character look like a stereotypical pervert and destroys the character that Satellizer built throughout the rest of the episode. Not going to spoil it, but I thought the ending was incredibly stupid.

Later on in this series, I expect plenty of action and more fanservice, but I know there are those of you who want plot. Well, if the anime follows the original comic, then the storyline will be fairly decent with a decent blend of drama, tension, and action (I know the manga is not meant for storyline, but the storyline is definitely not bad), but the first episode did not follow the manga very much. This is understandable though since the manga’s introduction was not very good, so it will be a lot easier to judge how the plot will flow after the next episode.

Plot: 3/5
Music: 4/5
Animation 3.5/5
Enjoyment: 3/5

Technical Rating: 3.5/5
Personal Rating: 3.5/5 (The ending scene stopped this thing from getting a 4)

I think I am running out of creative steam. I don’t know what to write in the places I usually comment on T_T. I might delay the impressions for the other 3 series I watched be delayed a bit to keep me from going insane xD.


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