[First Impressions] Beelzebub

Tatsumi Oga is not amused by your ___________ . You can go fill in the blank xD!

HAI ppl!

Up next is a school life comedy, so original right? Well, mix in a delinquent, a demon king, and a few other random things, and I think you actually might have something original. Stop, the cake is not being made by the book T_T, what shall we do? Well the show has already been made, so let’s just see what came out before we start judging it.

Plot: Tatsumi Oga is the strongest delinquent of his former school. Wait he is already the strongest. Is there a point to the story anymore? Well there is xD! One day he beats some people on the river, and some person floating down the river sees him. Since floating down the river is not a normal thing, Oga picked the guy up and chopped him in half, and out came a baby. Not any baby, but the baby of the demon lord. And Oga is in luck, the baby started to become attached to him. How will Oga be able to raise a baby, esp such a strange baby? What new things will happen to Oga now?

Needless to say, the plot is supposed to make you say “what?” The concept is fairly interesting, but as I said before, Beelzebub is a comedy so don’t expect that great of a plot, but don’t underestimate it either. Sadly I exactly judge how Beelzebub’s plot is doing from the first episode alone because like most series this season, Beelzebub has not really showed what direction it is going in on plot.

Music: I sort of like the old way I did this since this way is more organized and it sounded awkward to write a paragraph about music when my musical knowledge is so limited.

(Opening) GROUP Tamashii – Dadada:  It fits the anime and it is interesting in its own right And I’ll just leave it at that.

(Ending) NO3B – Answer: A more normal tune that is quite nice to listen to imo, except like normal, I want a stronger chorus.

Background Music: As for the background music, it fits when it is there, but there is nothing really special about it besides the fact that is uses a lot of guitars and drums.

Animation: The animation feels a slightly lower quality than the norm. Besides having the standard amount of static characters, Beelzebub has a  lot of panning scenes of static characters and characters doing a repeated animations. For example, a good chunk of the episode is filled with lightning shocks, while the electricity is being discharged, the camera just pans across characters who are completely frozen in place while having the lightning move in a radial pattern that repeats every few frames. Probably the thing that depressed me the most about the animation was that the climax of the episode was made with a combination of panning and rotation of a steel tower. Probably a few redraws and stuff were done too, but they were barely noticeable. Oh well, the series at least contained the standard amount of details, but this is probably the only compliment I can give its animation.

Enjoyment: As you might know, Beelzebub is meant to be a shonen action comedy, and it does not fail to deliver. Beelzebub will probably give you some decent laughs with its slapstick humor, but there are a few shows this season that are better comedy wise. Other than humor though, there seems to be very few reasons to watch this show, but the comedy is not that bad of a draw.

Wrapping it up, if you wanted a comedy this season, I heavily advise you check Beelzebub out and see if the jokes are too your liking since the jokes in it are fairly good, but since the slapstick humor in Beelzebub is based on always doing the stupid or morally wrong choice, you might think the jokes are boring or meant for a less intelligent audience. If you are looking for action, after seeing the current level of animation, I suggest you watch a different show this season. If you want drama, since the manga has little to no drama, don’t watch this show for drama. Anything else, use a Mastercard.

Plot: 3.5/5 Based off this episode alone.
Music: 3.5/5
Animation : 2/5 This might be lower than it deserves, but screwing up your climax to a point where I can’t tell what is going on until the character explicitly says it definitely does not bode well with me.
Enjoyment: 3/5 Only counted the humor here, since I already docked points on animation for the action scenes.

Technical Rating: 3/5
Personal Rating: 3/5


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