[First Impressions] Rest of the Season

Beatrice!!! Lightning crackles in the dark sky becomes illuminated by butterflies…

HAI ppl

Due to various personal and real life issues … I could not make a post about everything I watched this season, so in case you were wondering on my opinion on certain shows, here is a quick review of everything else I watched. Sorry for having a lot of episode 2s come out before this was released. To compensate for how late it was, I incorporated the later episodes into my thoughts about the show.

Note: All ratings in this article will be personal ratings.

I’m pretty sure most other reviews linked Unlimited Musket Works, so here is my attempt to be unique xD

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: 3.5/5

This thing feels a lot like a Nanoha clone except done on acid. Seriously, you can draw a lot of parallels between this and Nanoha, but besides that, this is a fairly entertaining show, assuming you don’t mind scenery that was probably created by some guy on drugs. First off, the plot has 2 faces right now, relationship between friends and the overarching goal. The overarching goal is to kill witches, but the story has not yet said if there is some source behind the witches or some other goal for the characters, so I can’t say much there except that it has a high chance to become a typical hero’s journey. As for the relationship/tension between friends, I am going to bet a lot of the characters are going to act very similar to the characters in Nanoha, namely the girl that is the outcast, the one without magic, will start hating the other girls for some reason and will have that relationship repaired by the end of the season and the magical girl who doesn’t want to act with the group will become friends with the other magical girls, probably something quite cliche. I don’t know for sure if this will happen, but I don’t have much hope for the Madoka’s storyline to be unique. On the other hand, the art of the series is quite unique, forming some fairly interesting details in the environment. To tie on to the art, the animation for this series is fluid and has fitting action scenes that go with the art and animation. As a note, there are also a few instances where are mistakes in the art such as changing hands to feet and having hands disappear, but chances are, you won’t notice them.  Before I forget, the music in this series is noteworthy with ClariS and Kalafina doing the opening and ending respectively. To wrap it up, if you are new to the mahous shoujo genre and/or like Shaft works in general, this is a great show to work. If you want plot, I would waver a bit before recommending since it is a little clique except for the fact that almost everything was done on acid. If you wanted an action series, I guess this will work. If you don’t want a Nanoha clone, don’t watch this show. If you are on drugs, this is a marvelous accompaniment!

Cardfight!! Vanguard: 2/5

If you know me, I was a big fan of the english dubbed Duel masters, so I had some hope for a show that had staff from Duel masters and Yu-gi-oh.  Sadly, I was greatly disappointed. The show has an amazingly cheesy plot with very few jokes. To add to my pain, their fights drag on for more than one episode like Yu-gi-oh. Combine this with a low animation budget, and you get a fairly lacklustr show. The only thing I can sort of enjoy is the opening where Jam Project can take something extremely cheesy and turn it into something decent, (not great, but good enough that I sort of enjoy the song).

Dragon Crisis: 3.5/5

With a cheesy title like “Dragon Crisis,” I am pretty sure people have very low expectations of this show. Besides that and the fairly cliche 5 min start of the first episode, Dragon Crisis is actually a solid show with decent action scenes, some comedy, a loli, and fanservice. Assuming you did not care for those previous things and you are not a Kugimiya, Rie fan (If you are, there is no reason for you to read this review. Just watch the show!), Dragon Crisis does not really have that much to offer. The plot looks like it is going to become a typical hero’s journey to rescue a girl, not much to expect there. If you wanted action, the series does not have right now, but I definitely foresee somefights that will satisyfy your craving for action, esp since the animation in the series has been fairly good with not to many static characters. If you wanted to a cute loli, Rose is a cute character to watch eating ice cream or saying Ryuuji (assuming you don’t go insane hearing here say it so many times), and Victorique is probably the more entertaining loli this season imo. Also, there area few jokes scattered around the show, but I don’t think any of them are good enough to coerce you to watch the show solely for the humor. In the end, the big factor is how much you care about story, if you wanted story, this show will probably disappoint, but if you wanted some of the other aspects of a shonen action comedy, Dragon Crisis does that relatively well.

Level E: 3.5/5

Aliens! Now where are those time travelers and psychics? Besides that, Level E is a rather amusing anime with some of the best animation this season, clean and fairly detailed. To add on, level E is one of the few series this season that has a plot, or at least looks like it has one. Still, please remember that Level E is meant for an older audience, not for maturity reasons but for timeframe. For example, in the first episode, there is a blatant ET reference, but if you were not part of the generation who watched ET, you wouldn’t think the joke will be funny. As for the rest of the jokes, they are funny, but don’t expect to audibly laugh. You could always laugh like Victorique does xD. As a closing note, please do not look at the synopsis or promotional art and judge this show. Those things really do not do this show justice. I recommend you at least give episode 1 a shot to see if you will like it.

Fractale: 2.5/5

Let us guess what this show is about. Fractal Cages? Doppels? Ninjas!? If you for some weird reason thought of doppels, you are correct. Fractale is about some futuristic world where people can control a doppel to do there work while staying in the comfort of their own home.  It is a “utopia” with no war, happy people, etc. On the other hand, with no real interactions with the world, some people are bored, and that is how the story begins, and as expected, the storyline for this show is quite slow but interesting. With such a unique setting, the art fits it well with a very surreal detailed setting, but for some reason, the character designer seemed to like an older minimalist approach, the characters clothing and hairstyle have very few lines. The art really feels like something from older series. In the end, your enjoyment of this series depends on what you are looking for. If you don’t mind how slow this might be, Fractale has great potential to become an amazing story of adventure. If you were looking for action or comedy, I would advise you look elsewhere since I see no signs of action and the jokes in the series will probably get Victorique’s laugh as a response

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!: 1/5

I really wish I could just say this show was bad and you should stay far away from it, but that won’t exactly help you. Basically this series combines terrible animation with bad jokes and some girl that is extremely addicted to her brother. This girl is so addicted to her brother that she thinks sniffing her brother’s boxers is an entertaining thing to do… If you really want something this intellectually devoid, be my guest, but with so many negatives and lack of entertainment of almost any any form , I really would question your thinking process if you watch this.

That ends my first impressions series for this season. I hope you enjoyed them and found them useful. If you have any suggestions or comments to help make these reviews better next season, please post below. Otherwise, just watch Victorique laugh at ___________. something xD

I really don’t talk much anymore, so let me do so here. My current picks are only Yumekui and Fractale. I beg to differ when it comes to Fractale (with comparison to blissfulyoshi). Sure it’s slow, but one of the attracting things about it is that it’s a social commentary of sorts. You’ll have to look a tad bit deeper though and I bet that’s not something most of you guys have time for XD Of course, this is for guys like me who like to think about philosophy and sociological settings.  If you are an action/comedy type of person, I won’t really recommend this.


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