Lyrics Remix Desu (Daydream Syndrome)

The world is breaking apart into a million pieces, so let the pieces fall and crumble to form a little game for us.

HAI ppl!

Welcome to the second season of Lyrics Remix Desu. After our first season, I am sure you are all ready to play now, so to make this round interesting, we will talk about donuts. Why donuts? Well how many other dishes are both crispy and sweet? Very few, unless you are deep frying every sweet item on the face of the Earth xD. Besides that, don’t you know how important donuts are to humans? If all the humans disappeared, who would be left to make donuts? Well, you can talk to Merry to find out what else is so amazing about donuts, but for now, stop staring at other people’s donuts and play this little game. Before I even started, I already lost the game…

Objective: In the fragment below, there are references to the titles of the openings and endings of this season. Your goal is to link together phrases and lines of the letter with what the op/ed they are referencing and the anime the op/ed came from. (Note: All the opening and endings used below have an official English title, so translated names are not answers to this puzzle. Also, there are no references to any series that is constantly ongoing (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail,…), so any use of their opening and endings in the following lines is completely coincidental and not worth points xD.

1. You have 15 minutes to find the answers.
2. You may not look at any other webpage besides this page for the duration of the trial.
3. Have fun.

naming the anime opening/ending = 4 pts
naming the anime where the opening/ending came from = 6 pts
wrong answer = -2 pts

Example: (Here is how to write down your answers for the game)
While reading the letter below, you notice the phrase “daydream.” When you see it, a light sparks in your head and you think of the song “Daydream Syndrome” from Yumekui Merry. If you write down, Daydream Syndrome from Yumekui Merry: on your answer sheet (whatever it may be) you will be awarded the full 10 pts (I hope you notice that I am giving you a free 10 pts here)

A fragment from this crumbling world:

In this shattered darkness, I see a shadow of you crying. The frozen door behind us remains closed. All I can hear is you mumbling “Is there no turning back?” Do you have nothing else to think about? What about those days? Those dreams? Those hopes? Move on! You can overcome the shadow of your previous self.  Leave that darkness and see the colors of this world. When you see colors though, don’t forget about me, I want to connect with you. For you, I will do anything to give you a taste of paradise. I’m willing to lose my pride. I’m willing to give up my life to be your shining star. I’m willing to put my life on the line and fight as your vanguard to save your precious dream. So, don’t give up and seek the answer to your despair. Find out the truth with me. Do not give up on this miraculous chance. Just believe, and we can shatter these walls like a daydream.

You ask me why you see my shadow crying? You ask me why don’t I move on? You ask me why I don’t have a taste of paradise? Let me answer why, because of donuts! When you see hunger strike and grief befallen upon your way, don’t you see visions of cannons shooting straight jets of donuts paving a trail across the real sky? When you are down by the s(v?)alley gardens, don’t you see the super streams of donuts flowing along the waterway of dreams? How can my life move on without donuts? If you truly wish to help me, please get me donuts before I reach the starry days of delusions and depression.

Answer Key: (Note: For the item mentioned twice, you can only get 1 set of points for it.)

Ranking Chart:
0 – 8 = You know this game? Yeah you just lost.
⑨ = You are the str⑨ngest genius You know that it is impossible to reach this score with the current rules
10 – 25 = You found the 10 free points, gz
26 – 50 = For better or for worse, you’re normal What defines normal anyway?
51 – 100 = You are both halfway up and halfway down. If I had half a donut, I would award it to you.
100 – 149 = Any more and you’ll surpass m(e)y ass
150 = You probably deserve your donut now. A cup of joe too, pls.

With donuts, the problems of this world fade away like a daydream. Hope you had fun, and make sure to get plenty of donuts xD!


One response to “Lyrics Remix Desu (Daydream Syndrome)

  1. To my astonishment, I got 9…

    That makes it 18. XD

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