[Review] Dragon Crisis

Doesn’t she remind you of a certain other puffy-cheeked character this season? xD

HAI ppl

Ryuuji. Ryuuji. Ryuugi! Ryuugi! Ryuugi!

Welcome to the first review of this season. You are probably wondering why in the world I keep on writing Ryuuji’s name.  Well as you can see above, there is this lol, called Rose, who loves yelling that name, and I guess it is starting to affect my head.  Please don’t mind me if you start seeing Ryuuji’s name throughout the review. Besides that, Dragon Crisis has a large harem, and if you watched Seitokai no Ichizon, you know you should always aim for the harem end; let’s see how this ends xD.

Plot: Ryuuji! Ryuuji! Ryuuji! Ryuuji! Ryuuji! Ryuuji! Ryuuji! Ryuuji! Ryuuji! May I just stop there? xD

Since I am sure some of you want to actually find out the storyline
Actual Storyline: In this world, there are treasures called lost precious that can do amazing things, so people are willing to go an amazing distance for lost precious. To create some order, organized groups such as the society and various underground groups find these lost precious and bring them to buyers throughout the world.

Ryuuji is a high school student who has quite a bit of skill in working with lost precious. As a result, Ryuuji’s older sister, ask him to help take a very valuable lost precious from an underground group. During the mission though, they find out that the lost precious is a little girl that can spew out fire and a rose colored gem on her arm. As it turns out, this girl is a dragon, a legendary species that draws a lot of attention but no one knows much about. This is the story of Ryuuji and Rose as they meet various dragons, werewolves, and eccentric people in their exploration of lost precious and love.

The greatest shortcoming of the series. The writer for the anime does not seem to be able to write a gripping event for the story. Instead we have a mixture of cliche plots and cheesy dialogue.  For example, the first arc is about Ryuuji meeting Rose while some evil guy wants to steal away Rose. You can probably guess what happens. (Hint: the shonen hero almost always protects those he loves). Third arc: A girl servant finds out her master has just been using her, so Ryuuji comes to the rescue and of course gets a new harem member. I could probably go on, but I think you get the point that Ryuuji is an amazing harem lead xD and every harem member besides Rose is unimportant since their only purpose in the story is to join the harem

Animation: Since all the female characters have to look good in a harem, we can’t have bad animation right? Well, the animation is the standard with decent sprites, nice background details, and a few static scenes here and there. Besides that, the one part that the animation did excel in was action scenes, but they were shorter in length than the action scenes in IS, basically next to nonexistent. Oh well, I guess the one thing you can look forward to the animation is Ryuuji!!!! (Wait all the animation does here is just open and close Rose’s mouth…)

Since I have been doing such a lackluster job covering music, I am going to wait till I can write something a little better before including it in the reviews again (hopefully next season)

Enjoyment: Studio Deen could have made a really successful show if they stuck with their strong suits, namely their fighting scenes. Instead, we get a plot that is not only predictable and boring but also one with very little characterization of anyone besides Rose.  That brings us to the only reason to watch the show, Rose. Not Ryuuji?!!!!! Watching Rose, played by Kugimiya Rie, yelling Ryuuji repeatedly will probably be very nostalgic for some of you (watch Toradora! if you don’t get it), but for everyone else, prepare to be disappointed in more ways than one. Sadly, even Rose might not be able to get you through the show because she plays very minor roles in the second and third arc, so Ryuuji’s name might not be called out during chinks of the episode, a nightmare for some. Luckily , Rose’s role grows in the last few episodes, but does that reappearance save the show’s remaining audience? I wish I knew the answer, but regardless, I really can’t find another reason to watch Dragon Crisis.

Technial Rating: 4/10
Persona; Rating: 5/10

T_T I really enjoyed the 3rd episode of the series, but the series just went downhill from there.


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