[First Impressions] Dog Days

Starlight Breaker!

HAI ppl!

What do you expect with a title like Dog Days? Especially when you the first few mintures contains stuff on war, a bunch of lolis, an acrobatic male, and cat ears. Add in an all-star seiyuu cast and the director of Nanoha and you get Dog Days.

What is this show about?
In another world, there exists kingdom of cats and a kindom of dogs. They are sometimes at war at each other to decide politics and stuff, except war there is definitely different than it is defined here. War is an athletics competition where your soldiers must cross gauntlets and pass various traps for your side to be victorious, and if that was not enough, opposing soldiers, will try to “kill you.” Remember, people don’t die when you kill them, they become cute dog and cat balls instead. After the latest series of battles, the dog side has been constantly losing, so they decide to summon the “hero,” an incredibly athletic male from the human world. How will he change the balance of this war?

What is there to watch in this show?
Ummmmmmmm…, to be honest I am not sure. The first episode really did not show much. There were bits of action action here and there, but nothing to really give me an idea of what this show is really about. Most of the time, I was just wondering what in the world is going on in a place with such a strange outlook on war. It really seems like this show is catered toward a younger audience, so I really don’t expect much out of this show, but I guess it is too early to tell.

Should i watch this show?
From what I have seen so far, the answer is probably going to be no. There doesn’t really seem to be much to watch in this show, but then again, as I said earlier, the first episode doesn’t show much. The show does show some special attacks, enough girls to make a harem, and hints of romantic interest. Well also, if the main character has a more flamboyant costume (as an added bonus, he is played by the same person who voiced Takuto), he could probably become a ginga bishonen, but he doesn’t T_T. These are all just small things, and nothing in the show really impressed me. The action just had more generic lines being drawn across the screen causing random explosions. The storyline looks fairly simple so far. I guess I can keep ranting, but seriously this means nothing until the show gets further… (… I just ranted a lot on something pointless)

Lets move on to some other things. The animation is decent with all of the quality you would expect out of a standard show today. The opening was okay, sung by Nana Mizuki, but definitely not one of her better songs. The ending was better than the opening, but again, I have heard better songs from Horie Yui. In summary, the animation, op, and ed, were decent but nothing exceptional.

In the end, I don’t have very high hopes for this show, but with its amazing cast and lack of stuff in the first episode, I think I will give it a few weeks to see how it goes before considering to drop it.

Personal Rating: 2/5 edited since I don’t think the show was entertaining enough to warrant the hgigher grade I gave it


One response to “[First Impressions] Dog Days

  1. …but what about the cute dog and cat balls xD.

    Oddly enough “he could probably become a ginga bishonen, but he doesn’t T_T”, dying to become a moeblob, and purple explosions by magical girls all together sounds so silly that it has piqued my interest :D.

    Thanks for the preview/first impressions.

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