[First Impressions] Nichijou

Hot dogs are a source of amazing power

HAI people

Yay, new season has started, and Kyoani has come back to deliver a new series based on a 4-koma, but how does it compare with their older works, K-on! and Lucky Star? Well lets turn some keys and eat some hot dogs while we find out.

Note: This short article is based off of Nichijou episode 1, not episode 0. I will make some comments about episode 0 below.

Note 2: Since I noticed the old format was not very useful, there is a new and hopefully more useful format. Please tell me your opinions below.

What is this show about?

Nichijou is a 4-koma gag series based on schoolgirls(doesn’t this sound familiar) and the household aof a young professor. Like most other 4-koma series, Nichijou is a comedy that describes the daily lives of these girls and the random things that happen in them.

Okay that was a boring introduction, time to move on.

What is there to watch in this show?

As stated earlier, Nichijou is a comedy that is heavily based on random situations. Random…? What do you mean by random? Well, Nichijou uses a lot of jokes where things just appear out of nowhere, creating awkward and strange scenarios where you least expect them. For example, in this first epiosde, wooden statues fall down from the sky, a farmer rides to school on a goat, and when 2 people collide, they create a nuclear explosion. Random enough? Moving on, this show would not be complete with the moe facial expressions that Kyoani is known for. I guess that is all to pay attention to in this show… Seriosuly, what else do you need from a gag series?

Should I watch this show?

First off, lets state the obvious things.  If you came hear wanting plot, just be warned this thing has less plot than K-ON!. (K-ON! has plot?????) In other words, you won’t find any plot… Next, if you disliked Lucky Star and/or K-ON! you will almost for sure hate this show.

Assuming you didn’t fall other the group of people that should avoid this show based on the ideas above, your liking of the show will greatly depend on how well you like the jokes. The randomness of Nichijou is definitely different than K-ON! and Lucky Star, so I defitely recommend you at least smaple episode 1 of Nichijou before making a decision. Personally, I found it quite entertaining with a good amount of fast paced comedy, but I will have to say that some jokes did not make me laugh at all. Before I forget, do no rate the jokes on this show based on episode 0. Episode 0 has jokes coming at about 1/3 of the speed episode 1 does, creating a very low tension, boring environment imo.

I am pretty sure most of you have already decided if you wanted to watch this show or not, but for those who want to hear about the animation and music, here it is. The animation is exactly what you would expect from Kyoani, a plethora of details and great facial expressions (like K-ON!). On the topic of K-ON!, please don’t expect anything of comparable musical talent in the op and ed of Nichijou, both of which I found lackluster. (T_T wasn’t even soemthing catchy like Lucky Star’s op) Oh well, I doubt you all came here to listen to just music anyway.

Kyoani does a solid adapation of yet another 4-koma. Whethere you like it or not will mostly depend on how well you like the jokes, so I definitely recommend watching the first episode and see how it goes for you.

Personal Rating: 4/5


One response to “[First Impressions] Nichijou

  1. I disagree on the OP and ED. It was actually very catchy, but other than that, I agree on most points.

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