[First Impressions] Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

No Kiraboshi! T_T

HAI ppl

Do you want not just one, not 2, not even 3, but 4 different animes in one sitting. Well Tsubasa over here will do just that… I am pretty sure some of you are wondering what in the world I am talking about and others are just thinking about the mess that might be coming. Well, read along then.

Note: I never read this VN before, so for fans of the series, you will probably have a far more different viewpoint that I will.

What is this show about?

There are 3 main characters to this story. Since I barely knew what was happening, I’ll make the summary in that fashion.

The first of the 3 guys, Shuusuke Chitose, is a young, energetic person who just wants to be Friday so he can party in. He hangs out in a bar all day, and with one of the characters planning to take a month leave, he and the bartender plan to host a party because of this event.

The second lead,Hayato Narita, is a poor guy who does odd jobs for money, so he knows the backstreets of the town very well. In this episode, he ends up meeting a black vendor, a loli foreigner, and a female crepe vendor. In short, not much happens

The final male lead, Takashi Haneda, stares off into space and talks about the world he has to return to, while his girlfriend just walks away with her friends.

Remember how I said there were 4 animes put together in this, well the ed contains an animation for a fantasy world with all 3 male leads together. Quite different from the rest of the show. Almost as unexpected as hearing Aggressive Zone for the first time

How in the world do all of these things together, I really wish I knew.

What is there to watch in this show?

If you didn’t realize earlier, Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai is an eroge, so when you watch this show expect plenty of panty shots and lewd jokes. If that is not what you wanted, please just leave this show asap because you will hate it.

For those that stayed, the first episode episode basically runs off jokes. (well it is sort of difficult to have a storyline when introducing so many characters) As expected from my warning from before, you will see many jokes about female archetypes, drunks, parties, sex, and lolis. Wait, lolis weren’t mentioned before… oh well. Besides that, we have DJ Condor, who is just off the wall. Combine these with some of the weird cut ins they use, rotating shutters and random stills/poses where the animes logo is on it, and you basically have a gag series. That is how the first half of the show felt, but after the loli disappeared, then the episode started losing its luster.

Should i watch this show?

Things are definitely not looking great for this show. We get an incredibly confusing first episode, way too many characters (I would guess that over 15 characters got names in this episode alone), and a boring ending to the episode. Since this an introducing character episode, I can give the show the benefit of the doubt for now, but looking at the director, things look grim for this show. (Ushiro Shinji did make a passable adaptation of Omamori Himari imo, but Shukufuku no Campanella was bad to say the least). The only thing I like so far about the series is that Shuusuke Chitose’s jokes are fun to listen too, but everyone else, I’ll just leave with no comment.

If animation goes into your judgement of the show, animation is basically what you would expect out of today’s shows, except there are a few sections where the backgrounds seem like they came from a gag series. As for music, nothing really stood out throughout the episode for any good or bad reason and the ending was decent.

As I stated earlier, this show is probably on a path destruction, but basing how a show will do purely on a character introduction epsiode is a little harsh, so please make your time as I watch a few more episodes.

Personal Rating 2.5/5


2 responses to “[First Impressions] Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

  1. Watched over the first episode and while their intention is to make things less complicated (because starting with Takashi’s delusions of Gretegard will make you very confused), it might’ve taken the opposite effect by cramming every character introduction into a brief 20 minutes.

    What I’d suggest (as one who has finished the VN) is to just try to keep up for now. The world is basically divided upon the experiences of the 3 main characters we were introduced to: Shuusuke the ‘lax happy go lucky party guy, Hayato the hardboiled guy that roams the street, and Takashi who’s alittle artsy but is the kind protagonist that never gets angry.

    Anyways, still have to see how this pans out, but so far it seems to be quite rushed. Yoko-peace~

    • blissfulyoshi

      Thanks for the advice Warum. Keeping up with the story seems quite difficult though with way too many names and way too little time to memorize how a character looks. (I guess there are certain characters I’ll know no matter what…) Oh well, I guess through enough note taking, rewatching, forum lurking lurking and spoilers, I should make be able to make it through xD.

      Also, thanks for reading.

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