[First Impressions] Battle Girls – Time Paradox

You’re holding it wrong! xD (Inb4 someone complains it is not an iPhone)

HAI ppl!

Today we get to talk about cell hone reception back in the Sengoku era. As you probably know, cell phones weren’t invented back then, so there are no cell phone towers yet either. Still, we can try, right?

What is this show actually about?

Hideyoshino is your average girl who is failing academically. One day, she goes to a shrine to get a good luck charm and pray for her upcoming test, but due to various events, she falls into a blue vortex that sends her to the middle of forest. When Hideyoshino wakes up, she find a large fire going off to at the side and a fighting girl who looks very similar to a friend at school, but greetings can wait. The group of bandits who burned the village come to attack these 2 girls, but after putting enough djinn on standby and casting a summon, a tall girl comes from the fire and kills the bandits. Afterward, the tall girl brings Hideyoshino to a castle where Hideyoshino finds out that that the tall girl is actually Oda Nobunaga and Oda Nobunaga has been warped back in time to the Sengoku era. For some reason or another, Hideyoshino keeps a calm mind and decides to pledge her allegiance to Oda Nobunga to find the Crimson Armor, whcih allows you to conquer all of Japan. Cheerio!

What is there to watch in this show?

From what I can see, this show is mostly dependent on humor to entertain its viewers, and it sort of succeeds at that point with a way humorous talk about getting signal in the Sengoku era. Besides that, I guess the show has fanservice, but I really could care less about that.

Should i watch this show?

I think only people who would watch this show are people that either want service, want a very light comedy series,  or want a guilty pleasure. (I am not insulting anyone who watches the show, but I can’t see this show appealing to many people) I guess before I make such quick judgement, I’ll name what is unique/interesting about the show. There were a few decent jokes throughout the ep, namely the cell phone one. There is both a decent op and ed. There is a live action episode preview. There is a talking dog. Yeah…. I can’t think of anything more. If that convinced you to watch the show, go ahead.

On the other hand, Battle Girls seems to have a very basic plot that will only have very minor twist, and since this is a history based series, certain things will happen in the story to stay true to history, making the story even more predictable. To make matters worse, the action scenes look remarkably low budget with the only action scene in the ep was a simple charge up motion creating a large shock wave that blows all the enemies away without showing any details of the impact. Probably one of the more depressing things for me.

In end, I don’t have much hope for the series after such a depressing first ep, but I guess I can hope they will continue bringing out decent jokes…

Personal Rating:2/5


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