[First Impressions] 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku

Boys are ambitious

HAI ppl!

Today we are going to read about health advice for 30 year old men. I am not exactly sure what anyone expects of this show, but here we go.

Note: I tend to dislike shows use sex as the basis for every joke. I will try to be fair, but the review will probably be a little more biased than usual.

What is this show actually about?

For the first 30 years of his, Imagawa Hayao has not has sex, but he really wants to lose his virginity. Luckily for him, the God of Sex visits him to give him advice. This is the story of the God’s lessons.

What is there to watch in this show?

The show featured a lot of jokes, but truthfully, I couldn’t laugh throughout the old episode.  The jokes were usually predictable sex based jokes or not very funny to begin with. (In case you were wondering if I was just exaggerating or being prejudice, I would definitely laugh with shows in the same genre such as Seitokai Yakuindomo, but this show’s jokes were that bad imo) To make the jokes worse, the anime censors a lot of the screen including parts that might make the jokes funny.

The only thing that was truly interesting for me were the op and ed sung by kanonxkanon (the people who sang Shiki’s op, just don’t expect another gothic song xD) and AiRI  respectively. Both songs were decent, so that was a good use of 3 minutes in the 13 minute episode.

Should i watch this show?

If you like the shows sense of humor, give it a try, but other than that, I see no reason to watch the show. The animation feels quite cheap at times with a few looped scenes (just look at the ending) and huge amount of censoring. The censoring is next to absurd for this show with the lessons being censored out, parts of the screen are censored out in the beginning of the show and sometimes stills are used to cover up scenes when some action is happening.  To make matters worse, the censoring is sometimes bad enough at times that you don’t get what the lesson is supposed to teach, so you are just left there wondering what the point of the scene was. Add up all the downsides of this show I have listed so far, and you basically have nothing left besides the op and ed… Scary xD.

In conclusion, you might think the review was rather harsh, but if you try the show out for yourself, I really doubt you will find this show entertaining at all.

Personal Rating: 1/5 (This is probably one of the worse shows I have watched in a while)


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