[Detailed Review] Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto


And now, this is me,  jockeytiyan actually writing something in the blog! 😮 Let’s all parteh! Everybody Nonstop!

In a nutshell, Star Driver is a shonen series armed with a twist of mech action, your usual lovey-dovey teenager mush, and probably a pinch of Gainax level of epicness that can make your libido [this should make more sense in the anime] rise!

If you think you’ve had enough gayness in life, think again! You might even get the desire to punch your father in the face when you see him. XD

If Madoka has magical girls, Star Driver has ginga bishonens! Did they make a contract to QB? D:

Also, go gay with these pics:



One night, a teenaged couple on the beach finds a washed up body of a boy that of their age. They take this unconscious boy back to the guy’s mansion for him to rest until he wakes up.

The story happens in a fictional place called Southern Cross Isle where the boy named  ended up after swimming from the mainland. Imagine how a human could do that unless the island was close. He enrolls in the Southern Cross High School. However, the school turns out to be hiding a very dark secret…

Actual Plot Summary

Under the school, there’s a facility that contains mysterious giant mech-like structures called Cybodies. Cybodies can only be controlled by humans in an alternate dimension called “Zero Time” in which upon going there, time stops within the real world. Takuto tries to infiltrate and investigate this facility. He finds himself thwarting the plans of a group called Kiraboshi Juujidan (“Glittering Crux Brigade”) who tries to control the Cybodies for their selfish motives and to break the seal of the island’s four shrine maidens which prevents the Cybodies to be controlled in the real world.

The plot is sadly quite cliche , but its execution was enough to fit the jargon “eye candy” to your taste . Well for starters, the characters in Star Driver each have their own separate distinct personalities, and most of them are lovable in their own way (unless you are the type to complain that the series is not gay enough [so not gay enough]). To add on to that, there is a good amount of family and relationship drama (Of course there is no drama involving the hero’s goals because as we all know, the hero will win in the end). As for the cherry on top, the storyline was fairly easy to understand even though the first few episodes immersed you in the storyline without too much of a prologue. Adding up all of these makes the story a “pinch.”

The show can basically be separated into 3 parts (might be 4 not sure). Each part denoted by a shrine maiden. Every arc besides the introduction deals with a the shrine maiden’s backstory in some way, shape of form except for Sakana’s arc which serves as an introduction. Disappointingly, this introduction is probably the worse part about star driver because all the beginning episodes just have character introductions, no real plot, and a repetitive episode format. Once the first arc stops, things start to pick up, esp at the end of Mizuno’s arc.


Most of the plot characters can be divided into 2 groups, the Night Flight Drama club members and the Glittering Crux Brigade members. The plot section contains details about the brigade, so I shall explain what the drama club is here.

The Night Flight Drama club is composed of six members, but it has been mentioned that they have a lot of honorary members. The 6 (which will later become 7) members have a great impact on the storyline since they are the only other people that are quite aware of the island’s secrets (existence of the brigade, their actions, and knowing that the members are among some of their peers, Takuto, Sugata, and Wako’s  identities, and other things. However, the 7th member isn’t aware with all of these).

Night Flight Drama Club Members

Takuto Tsunashi

Mark: (True) Taw Phoenician Letter: Taw

Cybody: (Warrior) Tauburn

Star Sword/s: Emeraude and Saphir

First Phase: Unknown

The main protagonist of the story. He is dubbed by the members of the brigade as “Ginga Bishonen” (Galactic Pretty Boy) [definitely not gay enough] based on a legend. He is an outsider but his grandfather used to live in the island and his father currently lives there.

In the past, Takuto was a frail boy, but this all changed after getting motivated by his deceased childhood friend.  Now, Takuto is tour typical friendly teenager who always wears a smile on his face. Described by almost everybody to have a radiant aura, he is the type of person to make your day fantastic regardless of its previous state.

What makes Takuto really special though is that at the start of the series, he is the only Cybody pilot to have reached the third phase allowing him to do special poses.

Sugata Shindo

This guy

Mark: (True) Samekh Phoenician Letter: Samekh

Cybody: (King) Samekh

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: King’s Pillar

Straight face? Emo look? Don’t judge him that fast because he is a deeply caring friend, and a loyal and loving fiancee. Only problem, he grew up without his parents.

As the heir to one of the influential families in the island, he is a well-mannered gentleman. He has a calm demeanor like most intelligent people. He enjoys the company of both Wako and Takuto and usually smiles when around them. However, a deep secret lies untold about his real identity and his past.

Click this to skip the spoilers

Wonder why he doesn’t appear in Zero Time in the first few episodes? It’s because he hasn’t apprivoised yet. The only time he shows up is after he apprivoises to use his first phase, the oh-so-powerful King’s Pillar. Yet again, he will use this first phase to help Takuto defeat Cybodies that are still in second phase.

Yay spoilers!

Trivia: Sugata and Takuto share the same birth date. Coincidence? 🙂

Wako Agemaki

Mark: (True) Waw Phoenician Letter: Waw

Cybody: (Maiden) Wauna

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: Identification of people through scent

The South Maiden of the island. She prevents the Cybodies from advancing off to the fifth phase as part of her duty as the bearer of the south seal. Usually seen in the river at the South Shrine performing purification rituals. She is engaged to Sugata because of her status as a maiden and probably because of their close childhood friendship (they never knew about Keito). Warning: SHE SINGS!!!

At the start of the story, she saved Takuto’s life when his is washed up on the shore, barely breathing. She gives him CPR and when he’s finally breathing, she suggests taking him to Sugata’s house.

As we should already know, she is deeply in love at both Takuto and Sugata [I still want to know who she chose at the end. :<] and because of this, she is utterly confused – even mentioning that things would have been probably better off if Takuto didn’t come to the island.

Sarina Endo

No stats? Probably because she’s not even affiliated with the Cybodies…or is she?

The head of the drama club. Other than our famous trio, she’s the most aware of what’s happening. The trio tells her their thoughts about the brigade and also indicates that some of the brigade members are among their peers.

She barely appears to have an impact in the story but it’s been noted that she’s hiding a secret about her identity…

Tiger Sugatame

One of Sugata’s servants. However, she’s not just your ordinary servant, she’s a skilled fighter.

A silent but very friendly girl.

She’s been with Sugata since they were kids. She has a secret crush on Sugata but she doesn’t show her feelings because of his engagement to Wako and also because she’s loyal to Wako as well.

A student in Class 1-A, making her a classmate of the trio.

Jaguar Yamasugata

The other servant of Sugata. Like Tiger, she’s skilled at fighting.

Appears to be the more serious of the two but she also makes time to tease the trio for fun.

Mizuno Yo

Mark: (True) Mem Phoenician Letter: Mem

Cybody: (Maiden) Memna

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: Making a clone of herself

Cute? Weird? Or cute and weird at the same time? You decide!

The West Maiden of the island. However, she’s not aware of the consequences of being one. She keeps the Cybodies from advancing to the third phase. From the 4 maidens, she’s the only one who leads a relatively normal life within the duration of her appearance. As a perk of being one, she sings on top of a bus! 😮

A student in Class 1-A, she’s infamous in the school for her eccentricities. It’s noted that she can talk to animals and can utilize “magic” (though it’s unknown if its effects are real or just a booster of confidence). She has a liking to cute things and is always chasing around Vice. She has a deep crush on Takuto and only realizes later that Takuto doesn’t feel the same way.

She also has a twin sister named Marino…or does she? *smug*


Now that we’re done with the drama club, it’s time… Drum roll!



Kiraboshi Juujidan (Glittering Crux Brigade)

The Kiraboshi Juujidan is divided into several sections. At the start of the series, 4 sections are introduced – Vanishing Age, Bougainvilleae, Adult Bank, and Filament in order of rank. There’s also a special section called Science Guild.

They aim to bring the Cybodies to the real world and in order to do so, they must first break the seals that prevent the Cybodies to be controlled outside Zero Time. The only thing in their way is Takuto and his radiance!


The first section with currently no members. It’s supposed to head the whole brigade.

Note: This section is reserved to the sexiest member of the Crux.


Vanishing Age

The second section. All the members have true marks except for one, Manticore (since she’s going to replace Head when he takes a vacation).

Reiji Miyabi

I want to punch this face

Brigade Name: Head

Mark: (True) Resh Phoenician letter: Resh / Shin Phoenician letter: Shin

Cybody: (Warrior) Reshbal/Shinpathy

Star Sword/s: Diamant and Turquoise

First Phase: Aging prevention and apprivoising other Cybodies

Just call him Head, because that’s the way he rolls. Basically the acting leader of the Glittering Crux because he is like a boss. He also does some young girls painting from time to time but remember, he is always winnning. If you meet him you might get the urge to punch him in the face. Yeah, he needed a troll synopsis.

Head is the leader of the second section “Vanishing Age” and the one who breaks the maiden seals for the brigade. He bears a true mark given to him by Ryousuke back then. His first phase keeps from aging which is why he looks like his old self back when he met Ryousuke.

Like every villain, he is deceiving and always has a trick or two off his sleeves. It can be noted that he has a major plan for everything and this can be supported by the fact that he’s keeping the east maiden’s identity a secret. There’s also a reason why he wants Shingo’s mark for himself…

Ryousuke Katashiro

Brigade Name: Chairman

Mark: (True) Resh Phoenician letter: Resh

Cybody: (Warrior) Reshbal

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: Eye of Truth: Ability to see through objects and through one’s mind

The real bearer of the Resh mark. He gave it to Reiji for a reason. Clue: it’s connected to the reason why he wears an eyepatch.

Like Reiji, he is an old member of the Crux. He appoints the meetings and is responsible for opening the assembly hall.

Marino Yo

Brigade Name: Manticore

Mark: (Fake) Ayin  Phoenician letter: Ayin

Cybody: (Warrior) Ayingott

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: None

Mizuno’s “twin sister” and the confidant of her identity (the reason why she joined the Crux in the first place). A girl from Class 1-B who is one of the school’s star in sports. She’s known to be a very good baseball player. She shares the same things with Mizuno – namely favorite ice cream flavors and their crush. Yes, she has a crush on Takuto just like Mizuno. However, despite such similarities, she acts more mature compared to Mizuno and acts like her surrogate mother.

When Head goes on a vacation, his place is taken by Marino. She is the assigned driver for Ayingott for the purpose of locating the identities of the maidens with intact seals. She’s also the only member of Vanishing Age to not have a true mark.

Tsukihiko Bou

Brigade Name: Stick Star

Mark: (True) Lamedh Phoenician letter: Lamedh

Cybody: (Warrior) Lamedhos

Star Sword/s: Sardonyx

First Phase: Unknown

One of the three main drivers of Vanishing Age. From the three, he is the one with a good composure and a calm demeanor just like Sugata. He isn’t easily irked like the other two.

He’s the first of the three to fight Takuto. Though since Takuto is gay, Tsukihiko loses.

Takeo Takumi

Brigade Name: Sword Star

Mark: (True) Zayin Phoenician letter: Zayin

Cybody: (Warrior) Zayinas

Star Sword/s: Grenat

First Phase: Trajectory manipulation (example: changing the baseball’s path in mid-air)

Despite his Accelerator-like attitude and face (if you know what I mean), this guy has a crush on Marino.

A student from Class 1-B. He has a talent in baseball though he uses his first phase to cheat against Takuto. He has an attitude when it comes to other people especially with Takuto. He also enjoys playing darts with his other 2 friends, Ginta and Tsukihiko, while inside Vanishing Age’s HQ.

One of the three main drivers for Vanishing Age before the other true mark bearers joined in. He’s the second one to fight Takuto from the three.

Ginta Ryo

Brigade Name: Camel Star What a weird name

Mark: (True) Gimel Phoenician letter: Gimel

Cybody: (Warrior) Gimelock

Star Sword/s: Corail

First Phase: Possession of animals

Probably the coolest of the idiots XD. Obviously the last one to fight Takuto from the three.

Due to his first phase, he has posed a great threat even just to Takuto alone (though he did gave Takuto a hard time defeating him). He usually possesses a raven to spy on whoever he likes even to his fellow members.

Madoka Kei

Brigade Name: Window Star

Mark: (True) He Phoenician letter: He

Cybody: (Warrior) Hegent

Star Sword/s: Perle

First Phase: Miroir: Manifesting illusions of Zero Time and herself in the real world

The girl who likes to flaunt her…uhhh…body. She’s a close friend of Kou. A former member of Adult Bank section. She looks and acts lady-like but she actually isn’t, as mentioned by Kanako herself, and this will show after progressing through the story. She dubs herself as a Ginga Bishonen despite being a girl.

*insert transformation pose*

She’s the only person to have given Takuto a very hard time both in Zero Time and in the real world. Takuto and Sugata gets assaulted by her using her first phase while they are training outside the house. Also, after her Cybody gets destroyed she volunteers for the new Overphase system which makes her Cybody phase go up a notch and brings out her wild nature while beating up Takuto.

Kou Atari

Brigade Name: Needle Star

Mark: (True) Qoph Phoenician letter: Qoph

Cybody: (Warrior) Qophlite

Star Sword/s: Opale

First Phase: Eye of the Needle: Taking over people’s bodies as seen through the needle’s eye

Unlike Madoka, she has a boyish appearance but she appears to be the “lady” of the two. Also a former member of the Adult Bank and identifies herself as a Ginga Bishonen. She is the first to apprivoise a Cybody for the purpose of not fighting Takuto but to stop one of the members [yeah…spoilers] from doing a foolish thing.

*insert transformation pose*



The third section of the Crux. This section is probably the least active and the least prominent of them all. There are only 2 introduced members and only 1 noteable driver.

Keito Nichi

Brigade Name: Ivrogne

Mark: (True) Heth 

Cybody: (Maiden) Hethna

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: Unknown

The leader of the third section “Bougainvillea”. To a feeble mind’s surprise [just saying~], she is the East Maiden. Counting Jaguar and Tiger, only 3 people knows her status as a maiden until she reveals it to everyone. [spoiler]She uses her secret status as a way to catch Manticore off guard into revealing that she has been hiding the West Maiden’s identity.


She tends to act very cruel and cold to everyone, but if you uncover her secrets, she acts quite feminine. Talking about secrets, she shares a past with Keito and Sugata, but these days, the group seems quite far apart. Both Wako and Keito shared the same dream of being professional singers and Keito keeps this dream by singing in the bar where she and Takuto works. When Takuto discovers this, things start to pick up between Keito and Takuto and they both become friends.

All the secrecy and pasts aside, she is a classmate of our famous trio and the class representative of Class 1-A. She’s also a member of the Chemistry Club where she uses the lab for her own personal motives.

Mami Yano

Brigade Name: Ondine

Mark: (True) Kaph  (according to wikipedia she has a true mark but it’s not yet confirmed)

Cybody: (Warrior) Kaphrat

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: Mermaidoll: An indestructible human-sized doll that can multiply

She’s bad. She’s strong. She’s uncontrollable!

The only driver of the and the second introduced member of Bougainvillea.

The only person to have posed a very dangerous threat to Takuto and the others. She doesn’t appear much because her first phase is troubling her since she can hardly control it. By using her first phase, she provokes Sugata to use his first phase (to everybody’s shock and grief) and destroys all the Mermaidoll within the area, causing him to be in that state that every mark bearer in his family went into after apprivoising Samekh.

After getting defeated by Takuto, she is nowhere to be seen even in the Crux itself.


Adult Bank

Fourth section of the Crux and the provider of funds for the brigade’s projects. With the help of the Science Guild, they are able to make these facilities that help in reaching their goal towards the so-called Departure.

Kanako Watanabe

Brigade Name: President

Mark: (Fake) Bet 

Cybody: (Warrior) Betreida

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: None

The slutty leader of Adult Bank and wife to a rich head of an international finance organziation. As you can probably tell, she has a nice body, and she is not afraid to flirt with other students despite being married. Her favorite way of flirting is to kiss throught the glass, kiss but have the window in the way.

Despite flirting so much and having a rich husband, Kanako is knowledgeable on quite a few different fields. First off, she is a very good martial artist who is very confident with her fist. Second, she is very active in the stock market, using her husband’s enormous funds to invest. Last off, she actually cares a lot about people on the island, so she plans ahead for what might potentially occur.

There’s a reason why she lives on a big yacht and instead of a prestigious mansion on the island despite being very rich.

Simone Aragon

Brigade Name: Secretary

Mark: (Fake) Dalet

Cybody: (Warrior) Daletos

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: None

Kanako’s assistant in real life. She is hiding a secret about her identity and her past which is why she works for Kanako. She appears to have feelings for her fellow servant, Takashi.

Takashi Dai

Brigade Name: Banker

Mark: (True) Tzadi

Cybody: (Warrior) Tzadikt

Star Sword/s: Amethyste

First Phase: Possibly his skill in swordsmanship. Nothing mentioned.

Kanako’s servant who is usually seen massaging her or cleaning the yacht’s deck. He is skilled in handling a sword and is a member of the Kendo club. He appears to have feelings for Simone.

Takashi is the first Crux member to display a true mark and to own a Star Sword (which makes Takuto show his own 2 Star Swords as well). He later uses his true mark to control Daletos with Simone and summons his own Star Sword in order to have it power up to easily defeat Takuto.

As a true mark bearer, he later joins Vanishing Age but goes back to Adult Bank for a reason.



The fifth section of the Crux. This section makes the first move for the brigade and eventually are the ones to fight Takuto first. The members all belong to a family that have lost their true marks.

Benio Shinada

Brigade Name: Scarlet Kiss

Mark: (Fake) Pe

Cybody: (Warrior) Peshent

Star Sword/s: Rubis

First Phase: Control over men when kissed

The resident adviser in the school’s dormitory where Takuto lives and also the captain of the Kendo club where Takashi is a member. In the past, she fights Sugata and got defeated. This is where she starts to have a crush on him, stating that she adores people with strong personalities.

Her family bears the true Pe mark though it was lost at some point. It may be because of this that she’s the only non-true mark bearer who possesses a Star Sword. She is also the first one to display a first phase in the whole series but it somehow doesn’t work anymore in the later part of the story.

Not much to say about here except she is yet another member of Takuto’s harem.

George Honda

Brigade Name: Raging Bull

Mark: (Fake) Aleph

Cybody: (Warrior) Alephist

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: None

The only guy in the anime who seems to have a very fine tuned body and seems to take heavy blows pretty well. He is a member of the boxing club.

He harbors feelings towards Benio.

He is the first person to be defeated by Takuto.

I just had to add this picture~

Tetsuya Goda

Brigade Name: Speed Kid

Mark: (Fake) Teth

Cybody: (Warrior) Tetrioht

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: None

Another guy who has a crush on Benio.

His overall hobby is his bike. He is always seen tinkering with the parts and riding it around school.

As he is a bike specialist, he is quite agile when fighting especially when his Cybody turns into a motorcycle.

Also, he is the first person to be kissed by Benio (first phase in effect).


Science Guild

They are the ones responsible for building and testing the facilities of the Crux. As a research team, it is composed of many many members but there are only 2 prominent people (Professor Green and Professor Silver). This team only has one driver which is their leader.

Midori Okamoto

Brigade Name: Professor Green

Mark: (Fake) Yodh

Cybody: (Warrior) Yoddock

Star Sword/s: N/A

First Phase: Aging back temporarily

The professor who doesn’t even wear green.

The school nurse and the adviser of the Science club. She has a very wild obsession with pretty boys as to even take candid pics and own posters and magazines with pictures of them. She’s willing to go great lengths to just to marry one.

She uses her first phase to change her appearance back when she was in high school and she uses this opportunity to flirt with the young boys in school.

Her cybody has a special feature which predicts every movement of the opponent ahead of time.

Other Character


The North Maiden. Her seal gets broken at the start of the series; how it’s been done is never shown. She is locked and chained in a cage in some room within the Crux’s HQ accompanied by Head to whom she tells her story about Sam the Squid Piercer (the story is told in 3 ways within the series. Try to spot the other 2).

It is hinted that she loved Head and Head loved her back too.


Now that we’re done with the freakishly long character intro, let’s move on to the other stuff the anime has to offer.


Sadly there are quite a few underperforming songs surrounding the few decent works.

Aqua Timez – Gravity 0 (1st OP):

– A fairly underwhelming song by this group. I can’t really say anything good about it.

– I’d say the song would’ve been a lot better if it weren’t for the vocals. I recall Aqua Timez making good songs.

9nine – Cross Over (1st ED):

– A sort of catchy song with decent vocals. It is a great song for some, but regardless, you can’t really say anything too bad about this song.

– Nothing much but my usual anime song? 😀

9nine – Shooting Star (2nd OP):

– If you like cross over, you will like this, if you don’t, you don’t. This and Cross Over are fairly similar in style, so your opinion of both songs will be quite similar

– Felt like it suited the anime. 9nine did make it sound close to Cross Over so it’s really up to you if you’d like it, get tired of it, or don’t even bother.

Scandal – Pride (2nd ED):

– Lively….. (don’t know what to say)

– I personally think this isn’t what you’d want to hear as an ending since it has the air of a cliffhanger…


Tomatsu Haruka (Sakana) – Monochrome:

– Solid vocal + great music = ……..You think of a word xD

– Such a nice lullaby. The title offers what the lyrics mean and it goes good with the story. Can’t go sick of this song. 😛

Hayami Saori (Wako) – Komorebi no Contact:

– Wako can’t sing and doesn’t even compare to Sakana’s VA. In the end, it is a song you wish will end.

– I find the song oddly relaxing. Nostalgia maybe?

Hidaka Rina (Mizuno) – Innocent Blue:

– She sings better than Wako but definitely not as well as Sakana.

– Summer breeze with autumn atmosphere… It has a weird ring on it especially since it plays while Cybody fights take place.

Koshimizu Ami (Keito) – Akiiro no Aria:

– She can sing, at least better than the Wako and Mizuno xD

– Keito, nuff said.


One of the strongest aspects of the series. All of the action scenes in the series are very smooth. Sadly the life of life parts of the series did not always get the funding they needed, esp when they do large close-ups of 2 characters and have one character be completely static.

I wouldn’t mind the other parts having slight problems as long as the juicy part gets the good stuff. The last episode didn’t disappoint me at all.


For the first 10 episodes or so, the show is fairly formulaic with having some simple storyline and a single mech battle every episode, creating an annoying repetitious pattern. The only thing that seems to be worth paying attention in the first few episodes is Sakana’s singing, mech battles, and of course, the ginga bishonen transformation (the most important thing). As time goes on though, you might get a little bored of Sakana’s Monochrome and the mech battles become a little repetitive but you’ll have fun repeating the ginga bishonen transformation sequence 😛 , and even worse, as Sakana leaves, Wako starts singing. If you recall what I stated above Wako can’t sing.

Luckily the pain only lasts 1 more episode and it is finally Mizuno’s arc where things start to pick up and secrets are revealed. The story of the twins should fuel up the excitement a bit as it advances the storyline in a good flow. This, along with the Crux finally performing a trick out of their sleeves makes the story “a pinch!”

After some time, everything is now escalated to a higher level. Keito will replace Mizuno as the singer [yay!], the Crux will now give Takuto real trouble in real life as well as in Zero Time as if they were just insects from past arcs, and a lot of questions will be answered. There will be some time though where you’ll have to browse references such as earlier episodes to recall some information.

However, despite the main storyline being cleared up, there are still some things not clarified but they have insignificant or, if not, a very small impact with everything that has happened. Just enjoy the last 2 episodes because it’ll satisfy your boredom from the early episodes!

tl;dr: The show starts off good then enjoyment drops for a while till next arc. Then the story gets interesting and there will be a fast build-up. As for the cherry on top, the ending will shake you up and you’ll have nowhere to spill everything out.


Image Gallery

To break out from the series of texts, have a look at some of the delicious pics here (click to enlarge):

Head has to go first because he is teh boss.


Tau Galaxy Beam


Blissfulyoshi’s Rating:

Plot: 6/10
Animation: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Enjoyment: 8/10

Personal Rating: 7.5/10

jockeytiyan’s Rating:

Plot: 5/10
Animation: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Enjoyment: 9/10

Personal Rating: 7/10 (Slow build-up at start = downfall)


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