[First Impressions] Spring 2011 Compilation

HAI ppl

Sadly I am running late on first impressions once again. School has been sending me here and there with homework, so I have had a lack of time to watch, let alone write. Oh well, better late than never right? For those that want to know, here are my impressions of the first episodes of the shows I did not list before.

Note: Due to lack of inspiration to write for certain shows, Maria†Holic Alive and SKET Dance will not be on list even though I did watch them. Might add Ao No Exorcist later (haven’t watched it yet)

Note 2: Maybe I should get try getting back into CB xD

A Channel 3/5

Another ordinary day of school with short girls running down the hallway with baseball bats. Government warning: Short girls with bats are dangerous. SAVE US FROM TAIGA!!!

Yay more moe shows this season. One by the director of Saki, even better. Still, qualifications mean nothing in comparison to its actual performance, right? For starters, we have a cute huggable yandere girl with a baseball bat together with 3 other characters (the other characters aren’t that special, right?). Sadly, that is all this first episode seems to offer. The characters are cute, but there are very few things to laugh about in this first episode. Still, the episode played out like an intro ep, so I’ll give it another episode before deciding to drop it.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai: 2/5

I really wished shonen poses meant shonen action.

I am not if I am in a bad mood or something, but this show made my day feel worse. Not only do we have yet another person who couldn’t fit in with reality, but also, the show wasn’t even entertaining. I couldn’t laugh at any of the attempts at humor. The only thing the show made me feel was slightly sad at the end. Maybe I am being a little to harsh, I did when the main character said “shinde” like the characters in Iroha, but all I can really do is compare this show to Iroha. (I’m definitely passing on these drama to someone else next season. As you can obviously tell, I’m not the target audience)

Astarotte no Omocha! 2.5/5

Judo throws  => magical spells???

Yay, another shonen romantic comedy for this season. Whether you like them or not, they are everywhere, except this one is more perverted than normal. Other than that, there is nothing too special about this show.  A lot of the jokes in the show are fairly predictable but there are a few that are worth chuckling over. Basically, I expect this show to be incredibly generic, but if you like romantic comedies, this is definitely not a bad series to watch.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control: 3.5/5

This show is probably one of the hardest for me to talk about. I guess since the preview for this show is so vague, it is probably best off start with a synopsis. In this show, poor people can go to a special area where they can fight other people for money. In this way, people can get out of debt and be happy, but the loser will be further in debt an d probably end up committing suicide. Like every shonen stroy, some poor male gets dragged into this, and now is forced to compete in these battles.

Basically, this is another show where people fight for money. (somewhat like Kaiji xD) Expect to see a lot of people in desperate situations to fight against others using their knowledge of psychology, economics and statistics. Besides that, the episode also offers some decent action scenes, but the rest of the episode felt very normal. Just another shonen lead receiving his call to action. I guess it is best to treat this episode as an introduction episode and just wait to see how things play out.

Deadman Wonderland: 3.5/5

Oh cool, Doc Ock is in the show too.

Come all and welcome to the most hyped show this season, for good reason too. The anime does a solid job of adapting the anime from the backgrounds to the actions to the pacing. If you liked the manga, you will probably enjoy the first episode. Sadly, there are a few small issues in the first ep. First off, censoring of the goriest scene in the episode. It was the only censoring in the entire ep, but it made things really hard to understand what was happening because of how dark the screen was. (I literally rewatched the scene 3 times and cleaned my monitor to make sure I understood it) I guess this is not a big thing for the first episode, but it can really detrimental to the series later on. The other complaint I heard is that Ganta sounds too girly, and I will have to agree with that (… I really don’t have much to say about it). I guess all I can say in the end is that this first episode did a great job (not perfect, it still has room to grow better in all areas), but I am worried about the things to come.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko: 3.5/5

Chairs are a great addition to any dinner. It not only provides a source of fiber, but also a source of surprise and amusement xD

Probably one of the number one responses after this show is “What?”I am really not too sure what to say about this show. On one hand we have moe, Bakemonogatari-like lighting (more so than other Shaft shows), and humorous jokes. On the other hand, there were a few predictable areas leading to expected “jokes” added on top of boring low tension jokes and confusing sections in the story. (Wow I sound boring right now) Oh well, the main female is another crazy person, not as crazy as Steins;Gate main, so I am really wondering if this show is going to be overshadowed by the genres it is trying to combine.

Dororon Enma-kun Meramera: 2.5/5

A sequel to an old show from the seventies… Given my liking for older things/styles, I did not have high hopes for this show, and my expectations for this show were sadly met. Nothing in this show really stood out to me. The jokes ranged from outrageous jokes in a perverted fashion (swords from the dick area, swinging around boobs) or jokes that gave a sense of  nostaligia, neither of which appealed to me. Besides the jokes, the main cast does not feel like it came from this era. Actually just looking at it, the entire show gives off an older vibe. Because of this, this show is not very appealing to a newer generation like me, but if you like to reminisce about the past, this is probably a good show to watch.

Hen Zemi: 2/5

I am a carrier, see the flies that orbit around me.

Yay, yet another perverted romcom. This time it is seinen and a lot more perverted than normal. If you don’t like extremely perverted jokes, I would stay far away from this show, and vice-versa. Basically, you either love or hate the show, and I am on the side of disliking it.

Hidan no Aria: 3/5

Pop-up loli???

Well, we are back again with JC staff’s typical formula. Adapting a light novel with a loli in it, and not just any loli, a tsundere loli played by Kugimiya Rie. Add that to the fact that the male character is a harem lead in an action oriented environment, and you have a typical JC Staff show. Well, that is enough talk about cliche ideas, or is it? If you came hear for an original story, you must have been hallucinating because you were cycling too hard. Basically everything so far in this show is just average because not many noncliche things happen, but that is how the original light novel go (well that is what I heard, follows what little I read of the manga). As a first episode, it may not have been that great just because of how cliche it feels, but if it continues to stick with the light novel material, then it has a good chance of succeeding later, so I advise waiting a few eps.

Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei: 2.5/5

Ummmm, I was bored and I saw that this 5-minute short was airing this season, so I was like I should go watch this. I had no idea what to expect… Basically the show is whole bunch of rapid fire, over the top jokes relating a spirit median teacher. Some jokes were funny while others were not worth laughing at.  Add in a cheap storyboard like animation, and you have this show. Yeah, I can’t say much. All I can recommend is try watching it to see if you like it (It is 5 minutes long. I am pretty sure you have time for it xD)

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi: 3/5

Angry monkey is angry! xD

In case you were complaining about the lack of harems this season, here is another harem anime. Other than starting off in one of the most cliche settings of all time, back to childhood town in the countryside, I found this series quite enjoyable. First off, the series is quite fast paced with the first episode having the main character see another girl’s panties, kiss a girl, get kicked by a girl, and get seen naked by a girl… (typical life of a harem lead xD) In addition to that, the series continuously sent small jokes to the audience and some of them were worth laughing at. To tie it off, the backgrounds for the show are slightly above par (nowhere close to Iroha). If you don’t mind a harem in a cliche environment and want to burn some time, I definitely recommend you give this show a shot.

Kaiji: Hakairoku Hen: 2.5/5

Welcome back to the show of extremely sharp lines and extremely dramatized…. everything. For those that have not watched the series before, it is the story about those who gamble to escape from death (and of course fail). The biggest appeal/turn off of this show is its over-dramatization which will either make things epic or annoying, basically a hit-or-miss show. If you are new to the series I advise you try watching 2 episodes (either season will do) and see how you like it or not. If you are part of the group that loved the first season, this will meet all your expectations with all the same type of humor and epicness of before with animation increased to follow with the current times.

Softenni: 3/5

Tornado smash!!!

If you came into this show expecting twist serves, jackhammers, and boomerang snakes mixed with moe slice of life humor, well no PoT for you, just some slice of life humor. The humor is very hit with a mix of erotic jokes and humorous scenarios that creates some amusing jokes and some not so amusing ones. Besides not having the awesome techniques that make tennis tennis-like, the only thing the show lacks is decent animation, the animation budget for the show looks incredibly cheap with very few details. (Note: the op is going to be love/hate, usually hate, but some people might think it is cute)

The World God Only Knows s2: 3.5/5

Love is pain right xD Oh god…I am disappoint

After all the disappointment from last season (why do you hire a seiyuu that can’t sing to play the role of the idol?), you would hope someone learned from their mistakes. Well, Manglobe seemed to have learned something. Gone are all the the random cut-ins with jokes that don’t make sense. Instead, we have a lot more video game oriented jokes, the target audience of the manga and therefore audience of the show. In addition to that, the seiyuus for all the new girls all have experience, so I would not expect any failures like Kanon’s arc this season. With all of these changes, is this show the perfect show this season? The answer is no, far from it. The animation is just as bad as before with the white windows and various other missing details. After that, the opening this season is worse than it was last season. Basically, this 2nd season can be summarized as a decent adaptation of the manga. It keeps the jokes, story, and pacing (hopefully) of the manga without adding or subtracting from that experience.

Toriko: 1.5/5

40 minutes… Wow, that is a long thing to use for a first ep. Doing a cross-over with one piece, I guess that is a great way to attract viewers.. Enough of me ranting randomly, we should be talking about food. Except, when the food bores you this much, you really start to wonder why you would rant about it. Let us start from the top. The action scenes are boring and not very well animated, Toriko’s teammates seem to have incredibly boring powers, the humor in the episode wasn’t even worth laughing at, the One Piece characters didn’t get to use any cool moces (gear 2nd would have been nice)… Needless to say, this was a horrible use of 40 minutes.

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san: 3/5

It is only a flesh wound. Talk about nosebleeds, exaggerated fingerbleed is awesome. 😀

Okay if you wanted trashy humor (jokes about sex, excretes, and other things associated with less sophisticated society) this season here it is. Expect lots of blood and just sheer ridiculousness (I know some of you will find this show “intellectually degrading”). Like the other shows of similar genre this season, the animation quality is again fairly low, but remember, you are watching this for how stupid it can be at times.


You can probably tell I did not have a decent sense of humor when I wrote this article, sorry for that. Oh look, episode 3 has already aired for a few shows, I need to get on that too T_T. I think I am overloading myself at times. Oh well, I’ll try to make sure the next article is better and written in a more timely fashion.


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