[First Impressions] your diary

Remember kids, don’t play MMOs if you have other priorities. Like blogging.

So after a year-long hiatus I’ve decided to write again. And since this is a trial, I won’t delve into so many details.

your diary is CUBE’s upcoming game, brought no less by the guys who wrote Natsu no Ame. It’s illustrated by Kantoku, who also illustrated Natsu no Ame (we also praise him for the godly artist that he is).

The story revolves around Nagamine Tomoki, who, while looking around an old bookstore, sees a locked book titled “your diary”. He opens it and awakens the Goddess of Happiness, Yua. From here on in the story deals with the relationships between the characters, and the overarching plot of finding happiness.

First of all, dear god Kantoku. Your art is too beautiful/hot. Well, not just Kantoku, but the art quality of the game is very nice. I can’t point out the exact factor to it (other than gawddayum Kantoku), but upbeat scenes are upbeat, high tension scenes are high tension, and the overall effect is a mellow atmosphere. The sprite variations are nice too. Very expressive.

Story-wise, it’s pretty solid. Especially with character interactions. As Aaeru once mentioned, it’s a simple setup and style. Nothing seems out of place so far, and even the humor is natural. Nothing over-the-top, but given the setting, that’s a good thing. The characters aren’t bland, and every one has their good points. Hell, Hibiki’s not your usual idiot friend; that title rightfully went to Kaho. I do have particular favorites, like Chitose (Yuuhi’s dad) for being voiced by  Fujiwara Keiji, automatically granting him Crazy Awesome Parenthood. Then we have Misuzu who just turns me on for some reason.

But I cannot forget Kaho. Dear crap Kaho. It’s not everyday when you and a character say almost the exact same thing at the same time. She’s like a sexier, female version of me! Well, extremes aside.

The main cast is extremely painful to try and compare, since I like them all  (Yuuhi has that special place in my heart <3). Well, Tomoki is fucking 鈍感 (鈍感王, even), but it’s a necessary “evil”.

The BGMs are okay, although some really set the mood perfectly. Especially during the mystery-bearing scenes with Misuzu. Or I just love orgels too much.

So yeah, that’s it for this post. I expect to see nice things in the full release. Hopefully it also answers some deep-seated questions that have been bothering me about this game.


8 responses to “[First Impressions] your diary

  1. Now let’s hope that pressing the publish button turns into an addiction

  2. oh, so that’s why you mentioned no one believing that yua was a goddess or something w

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  4. Seele can you add me to your blogroll? thx

  5. At this rate, only the eroge section of the blog becomes popular.
    CURSE YOU SEELE00!!! D:<

  6. Another eroge blog to stalk~ yayy~

    Man, this makes me feel guilty about not playing eroges enough…

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