[First Impressions] C^3

Sneaking into your house and stealing your cookies.

HAI ppl!

Today we get to talk about a destructive loli who comes in a cube because everything has to be cubed in this show, right?

What happened in episode 1:

Some strange box comes in the mail, so the male lead does the obvious thing and puts the box in the backyard for storage. That night, a loli pops out of the box, goes into the kitchen, naked, and steals his cookies (rice crackers to be more accurate). The main character is surprised and gets the typical response from a naked tsundere. Then the morning comes with a female childhood friend who starts arguing with the loli. Of course the loli and childhood friend  get angry and break a whole bunch of things. Luckily, school [Unfortunately, the school isn’t one of the things that broke even though it’s crazy stuff XD] is about to start so the main character leaves with his childhood friend, while the loli stays home alone. Still, tsunderes can’t be alone, so the loli goes to a walk around town, and acts all tsun to the towns ppl. She quickly gets angry and goes back home to bring down the house with smash attacks ensuring massive destruction. The main character gets back and is obviously surprised, so he quickly talks with the loli and end with a happy relationship.

In the end we get moe humor with very little plot, just the way we like it.


Yay, a show with some money for its animation (a few of the other shows I watched so far, such as Bakuman and Majikoi seriously need a larger budget for animation). There are a fair share of scenes with dynamic characters moving around and environments that actually change with a character’s interactions, so watching a house slowly get destroyed was actually fairly amusing (for the viewer at least). The animation is obviously not movie quality but at least it won’t eave you unsatisfied. On another note, C^3 had a lot of random color lights shine from various parts of the screen for effect (it was usually not for censoring either), so that produced an interesting visual effect at times, whether or not it helped though, I will stay neutral on that.

What to expect in the future:

I can only see this show going down 1 of 2 paths. One, do almost plotless moe stuff for 9-10 episodes before trying to do a 3 episode plot ending, or two, start adding in a huge amount of plot next episode and mix in a few moe jokes to provide variety and break up tension. If one is true, I think this show will turn out great. Watching a tsundere being tsun, thinking up completely nonsensical ideas to solve everyday problems, and watch all of this decently animated sounds like the underpinnings of a solid moe show. If two though, I am not too sure how this show will go.  The first episode did mention that the loli was cursed and came to the male lead’s house for healing, but they kept it as a minor thing the entire ep with some referencing to being cursed. In short, this episode gave very little clue at how good the storytelling ability of the staff is. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Rating: 4/5

Decent moe with decent animation, but besides that, I don’t really have much to say to give it a lower or higher rating

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