[First Impressions] Bakuman S2

HAI ppl

I srsly wonder why I watched this episode. I hated the first episode of first season. I dropped it after that, and I doubt much has improved. Oh well, lets just go on with it. As a forewarning, this will be a rant post, so read at your own risk.

What happened in episode 1:

New editor comes and says “Look, there is a new genius in town. Go meet him at the New Year’s party, and show him that you’re better. Oh yeah, besides that, go get some assistants.” The following day, some assistants come, and the lead one is like all boss and just assigns everyone to work, like a boss. Then the two male leads go to the New Year Party, win a TV  and promises to finish the fight for his uncle. Well it is not season 3, so he can’t finish the fight right?

Maybe because I read Bakuman, but these episodes are incredibly boring. It really seems like nothing significant happens at all in each episode. The characters don’t have many dynamic actions, so the series is forced to rely on dialogue and plot. However, I already know the plot and the characters sound either fairly emotionless when talking or not very convincing that their emotions are real. In the end I was left with just boredom and the animation did not help.


To put a positive spin on it, Bakuman season 2 had more money than season 1, I think… The backgrounds are better than the ones I saw in the first episode of season 1, but that is probably the only change I saw. For the entire show, it just reeked of having too little money to animate things. There were plenty of close-ups and reused environments not much was needed to be drawn. In addition to that, they sometimes switch camera views to the backs of people and stuff, not for psychological effect and point of view, but so they didn’t have to animate anything on-screen. For example, if 2 people are talking, they would focus on their legs while the audio of the people talking plays on, and this scene will go on for 10-20s with no movement at all. In my opinion, it was just an annoying thing to look at, not something I would want to watch.

Rating: 1.5/5

Times are changing, competitors are getting better, but this show has basically stayed the same. I still hear the same dry dialogue with similar weak animation. As a result, I will lower my score for season 1 a half point to give this show a final rating 1.5.


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