[First Impressions] Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!

Gomen ne!!! Sorry for the wrong title. >_< (As if someone is reading this anyway…)

I believe I am reviewing the wrong anime here… Ok, bad inside joke.

Hello people! If your attention got caught by the article’s title, I advise you to turn back if you’ve already seen the anime. If you won’t heed my advice, you’re abnormal. XD


Martial Arts as P.E. is good with deadly weapons! Even the school principal approves of this! Though, the weapons aren’t really that deadly; they just hurt like hell.

So, this is what happens in the first episode. There are 2 mysterious girls who seemed like they were stranded or something. And then a helicopter flies overhead. Deep in the forest called Tanazawa where the girls are located, a war between second year high school students break out. The war is mediated by the school itself, with the principal acting as an overseer (he is boarded in the helicopter along with media people). The participants are divided into 2 factions, Class S and Class F. Class S are students from rich and powerful families. Class F (quoting blissfulyoshi) is just “another class”. From what the war initially looks like, Class S has the upper hand, having the advantage in number – 900-500 – and in strategy (remember, it’s what it seemed at first). However, the Class F strategist and the main protagonist, Yamato seems to have a good counter plan.

As explained by the principal, there are rules in the war. The first rule and the ultimate goal is to capture the opposing team’s commander. Second rule forbids the students to use other weapons that aren’t provided by the school so the weapons used aren’t lethal but they are designed such that it still hurts like a lethal weapon. Third and last rule allows people outside of the class as participants. Only a maximum of 50 non-students are allowed but no limit for students of the school and they are even allowed to give incentives such as bribes.

So far the episode provides 3 things, the Kawakami battle, the characters, and the main love affair in the story. The bad thing is that, it didn’t seem like a first episode. It was more like an episode in the earlier half of the series.

It was mentioned to me by blissfulyoshi that this is an adaptation based from a VN. Apparently, this episode is taken from scenes at the middle of an arc from the VN.

Current Rating: 5/10

I honestly can’t say anything plot-related yet because of what blissfulyoshi said. I based my scoring from the graphics, presentation, and character development.

The animation starts off pretty bad. The detailing was poorly done that the part where the first 2 characters start off walking but their feet just looked like it wasn’t even exerting pressure. Also, some characters didn’t have a proper intro and most were given straight, emotionless faces in the beginning.The first flashback scene was placed without a proper momentum. The last fighting scene was quite climactic but the mood was disrupted when the main guy suddenly said some words that didn’t even fit very well.

The show did get back in some parts, especially the end where the graphics came well and there’s a bit of storyline advancement. Some parts were a bit obvious, though it did make up for it by making through humor. Of course it had epic moments indeed but we really can’t look away from the fanservice now, can we?


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