[First Impressions] Maken-Ki!

HAI ppl

Welcome to one of the most ecchi shows this season. As a fair warning, if you came here expecting plot and not flinging skirts, please leave right away. With that in mind, lets discuss the latest of the many harems this season (I counted at least 7 this season).

What happened in episode 1:

Our lucky shonen protagonist, Takeru, is a new admit of Tenbi academy, a previous all girls school, where he was asked to become the messiah, but little did he know the place was filled with death and tears (sorry, I keep thinking of Watashi no Messiah-sama lately) but unbeknownst to him, it is also a school focused on magic and battles. On this first day, he meets a childhood friend, a rich girl, and a previously unknown fiance, who all have a reason to be with him.  Lets see, that about sums up the episode. I guess I forgot to say that he watched a few fights, but that is unimportant for an ecchi show unless the action yields more ecchi scenes.

Given the way I covered the plot, you can probably guess how much the plot matters for the show, but seriously, the plot was either just silly, ridiculous, or didn’t make sense at points.  Why do you think about killing someone in a covert way when you invite the guy to a stage and kill him with a giant glowing ball of light…. I don’t know anymore, and for the purpose of this show, I really don’t care. Lets move on to reasons why we would actually watch the show.


What were they doing with the backgrounds? The first few scenes you see a whole bunch of plants with very little detail, making me think the background artist was lazy or something.  Remember though, this is an ecchi show. So, does scenery matter? No. Lets move onto things that do matter to this show, namely the characters themselves.

Character design was better than the backgrounds, but overall they were just average except maybe for the panty shots which tend to be a little more detailed, excluding the censoring.  As a result, I am sure the people that care about ecchi will probably get what they want in the uncensored version, but is there for everyone else. Well, this show is by AIC, and the one thing they usually can do right is action,  which AIC delivers quite well. During the battle scenes, the characters at least looked somewhat fluid and actually fighting. I admit there were some moments where they decided to be cheap and not show certain motions or loop other motions, but the fights were definitely solid scenes that you could watch if you don’t mind the amount of mass service in some parts of the fights. (To be truthful, after seeing some of AIC’s other recent works, I expected a lot more in the art department. This is probably one of the worst AIC shows I have seen animation wise.)

What to expect in the future?:

Fanservice, nuff said.

You weren’t satisfied with that T_T. Well, from reading the manga, I am expecting this show to go through one to two battle arcs, leaning toward one, and personally, I didn’t like the plot of the that first major arc at all, so don’t expect the plot department to improve. Assuming they do make at least one of the major arcs, you will see a lot of battles, so I’m hoping that the show will do those well. With the current budget though, I would not be expecting much, so watch this show at your own risk xD.

Rating: 2/5

With sub-par art and a nonexistent plot mixed together with fanservice and some action, you have a combo that will probably only satisfy a very small audience. You are probably better off avoiding this show and looking somewhere else for your action fix if you really need it.


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