[First Impressions] UN-GO

HAI ppl!!!

Bones is back this season with a new mystery series. Will it be Bones second attempt at Gosick or a better attempt at real mysteries xD. Whatever, I am just going to hope for the explosions that Bones loves to throw in randomly.

What happened in episode 1:

(Since this is a who did it series, I will avoid spoiling the true criminal) In some time period (MAL says Meiji but it feels like it is after WWII), there was a war, and Japan is recovering from it. As expected, this time period has people suffering from the normal economical problems and various other standard issues including political murders and multiple Napoleans. To solve all of these problems, there is the great Kaishou Rinroku who has solved many difficult crimes up till now and is now known as …. some famous chairman.  Yeah, with a great person like that, he has to be the main character right? Nope. Instead, we have Yuuki Shinjuurou, the defeated detective who has got every case on record wrong. Following him is the loveable pretty boy Inga, you will probably mistake him for a girl, but like always, Bones needs their bishonens. Together they get invited to a ball with the Chairman Rinroku’s daughter and go around trolling everyone before the host of the ball dies. As expected, or failure of a detective tries to solve the case using Inga’s supernatural powers to come to an expected “failure” to solve the case because Chairman Rinroku found out what “actually” happened. As a result, the detective is forced to leave and hope to find another case he can hopefully solve.

If you expected rolling around and puffy cheeks in this show, you will be sadly disappointed. Instead Bones tries to give us something closer to a real mystery story this time. UN-GO’s first episode did not have unexpected jumps or random explanations that Gosick had, instead they had an actual case you can solve with real clues  (some are going to complain that the case is very easy to solve but whatever). To add onto that, I found the 2 leads, the failing Shinjuurou and Inga to be at least somewhat interesting in motives and backstory (well Shinjuurou is nowhere close to as interesting as Inga). As a result, the plot has miore potential than Gosick as a mystery story…. (who actually watches Gosick for mysteries?)


Can you see Miku?

I don’t understand why but Bones fell incredibly short here. Whoever they hired to do the art made some incredibly jagged character designs with sharp points everywhere. It really makes the characters look uglier than they should be. To add onto the pain, the pictures look incredibly grainy making the show look even worse. I am not too sure who to blame for the graniness but the samples on the website were grainy as well, so I am going to have to blame Bones for that. I guess I will have to wait till a more generic shonen show or moe show to get good stuff from Bones.

What to Expect:

With what I have seen so far in the animation, Bones is really needs to execute some great plot lines in the next episodes, but I don’t think that will be happening. I think that Bone swill continue to make mystery cases for the next few episodes that will reveal a bit about the main characters pass and then toss in some final mystery that has everything to do with Inza and Shinjuurou to end it. Basically, not expecting much, but I hopes Bones will surprise me with large explosions sometime in the future.

Rating: 3/5

With only an okay story, fairly bad animation, and nothing that seems redeeming, I have a hard time awarding this  a decent score for now, but I have hope that Bones will be able to pull at least something decent through. Edit: Guess, I was a little too aggressive over the animation earlier, so upped the score to a 3.


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