[Impressions^3] Fate/Zero

Episode 3 is out already. I think we already have a good chunk of time to have a solid idea on what to expect in this show, eh? On a side note, I can’t find a proper Uryu/Caster picture and we can’t post a pic of the loli Ilya here due to me being hemophiliac. :U

Here’s a picture of all the main characters that’s going to appear in the series. Only one character hasn’t appeared in the series yet, Sola-Ui.

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Where it’s been heading to…

So, what has been happening after the first episode? Here’s a summary of it:

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In the 2nd episode, notable things that have happened are Rider’s Noble Phantasm preview, the introduction of the 6th Master and Servant (the last to be summoned), and the “death” of Assassin in the hands of Gilgamesh. The main highlight of the episode is the 6th Master and Servant. Uryu Ryuunosuke – a serial killer who kills people in the hopes of summoning a demon. His attempt is successful after summoning the sadist Servant, Caster. At first, Uryu introduces himself and offers a young boy (which he didn’t kill in hopes of using it as a sacrifice) to Caster. Caster, however frees the boy, but to Uryu’s surprise, before the boy could even exit through the door, a horrifying appendage appears out of nowhere and kills the boy. After seeing this terrifying sight, a delighted Uryu then vows to follow Caster wherever he goes.

The 3rd episode apparently has no central focus but it continues from the end of 2nd episode. It first shows that the death of Assassin was faked by both Kirei and Tokiomi as part of their plan. Kirei “sought” refuge in the Church, claiming that he’s already out of the competition, so he can do his job in secrecy – showing the audience the numerous number of entities Assassin truly is. In another scene, it is revealed that Kiritsugu, Saber, and Iri just arrived in Japan from Germany with Kiritsugu arriving earlier than the others to make it look like Saber’s Master is Iri. Saber then invites Iri to take a stroll around the city. After a brief conversation on the seaside, they sense a Servant nearby who is looking for a challenge, and they accept. Both of them rush in and finds out that the Servant is Lancer. However, his Master is nowhere to be found… T_T What about an epic fight scene? They have to postpone these things to future episodes. Yeah, cliffhangers. Don’t they make you interested into watching further?

What they have done…

The series has a bit of a formula in the 2nd and 3rd – where it left from the previous episode, then character development and some background story, and then tension rising to a climactic ending. Though unlike Star Driver (if you’ve seen my review on it or the series itself), this formula is pretty strategic as it restrains rush in the storyline and gives a good room for a number of foreshadowing and plot advances. It however, leaves a cliffhanger when the story ends. I’m not really sure if this has a good or bad effect but I’m enjoying the show.

IMO, the show has a little bit too much dialogue right now. I know it wants to setup the back-story and everything, but it feels a little slow when a show about a war basically has 3 episodes of almost straight dialogue before reaching a real fight scene (Assassin’s scene does not count because his “death” was lame xD) [Probably Gilly is just too awesome for him.] (Doesn’t help that I also spoiled most of the drama for myself too).

On a side track, ufotable levels up in the animation department! No more static backgrounds and minor detailing problems. They maintain the good quality standard in the show all throughout, still keeping it a pleasant sight to behold.

Previous Rating: 9.5/10

Current Rating: 10/10

Yeah... been slacking off on this one.

They sure have redeemed themselves from the shortcomings in the first episode and the plot is steady and smooth sailing from here on out. I don’t think there’s going to be much problem in the next episodes unless some weird and totally unexpected thing happens so I think I’m entitled to give it a flat 10.

I do want to point out that people should watch the whole series in HD, or at least the 3rd episode due to the heavily dark background that my poor eyesight can barely handle. >_<;;;;

"Sorry, but the Assassins walk in the dark, not in the light."

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