FFT(Mix) * Twist~ Fall 2011 edition

HAI ppl!

It is near the end of the season again, so it’s time to test how much we know about this series’s anime with a new game. I realized last time that as much as I like memorizing song titles, not many people do that. So I thought it would be better to make a game that suited a larger audience. As a result, here is the first FFT(Mix) * Twist~, a game where we mixed, twisted, and transformed things  to get the synopses you see.

In reality, the game is really quite simple. I will provide a synopsis of a show that is currently running, and you need to guess what that show is. That is all. Easy right? See if you get all the shows that you are currently watching, or if you are really ambitious, get all 15 of them.

Since this the first time I am doing this, I made the clues fairly easy to test out the waters (not sure about jockey’s clues though since he made 2 of them for shows I don’t watch). I will probably make it a bit harder next time, so please leave me your reaction to the game.

1. Welcome to the Velvet room, the room where I will obtain unlimited bonds to form an infinite harem.

2. Who needs shops anymore, in this show, people can be stabbed to get basically whatever you want, from pliers to refrigerators to swords.

3. This show is about ummmm… something about love and the color white. Oh I remember, it is about a lovable white cat with brown dots (nothing else matters).

4. What happened to the days of fighting with real force? You know fists, fear, and robots that combine together to form even bigger robots. Instead everyone just complains that no one fights with talent.

5. Kill the corpses!? How? Whack them with your cell phone of course, just make sure the cell phone does not break.

6. Mossy Horns make a good seasoning. ()

7. In a small back room, we came to find hope, but instead we were bullied around by a cruel leader. Oh well, it is not like the vampires and nuns care that much about the ruler.

8. Even though the war could have been ended by one man’s quest for an Enerloop batteries, we have to use tens of assassins, falling buildings, sniper rifles, and so much more

9. Oh i wonder, wonder whats in a wonder box. Who knows what surprises a wonder box may hide. Cubes and Cubes of stuff with threatening shapes inside. Oh i wonder, wonder what in a wonder box!

10. Dem glass balls are the best bullets ever, they smash the buildings and explode.

11. Waiting for stickers to be put down and for certain people to leave, people nervously wonder for whom will the bell toll in this battle for one of life most basic necessities.

12. Don’t know the answer to a problem? Get a cool bracelet and you’ll understand everything.

13. If you see a diary ripped into 2 parts, beware of the actresses, bird watchers, and ex-girlfriends that will come like moths to the flame for this ripped book.

14. Talking about flames, lets light my fire and shout out now so we can break out of our prisons, wherever they might be.

15. Getting milk from a lost lady from the sewer is just daily life.

Answer Key:

1. Persona 4 2. Guilty Crown 3. Mashiroiro Symphony 4. The iDOLM@STER 5. Mirai Nikki 6. Hunter x Hunter 7. Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai 8. Fate/Zero 9. C^3 10. Cross Fight B-Daman 11. Ben-To 12. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 13. Mawaru Penguindrum 14. Shakugan no Shana III (Final) 15. Working’!!

As an ending note, special thanks to Quaraezha (osu!) for making the logo for us (I doubt we had the skill to make it xD), and I hope that this has been a fun little activity for all.


2 responses to “FFT(Mix) * Twist~ Fall 2011 edition

  1. I almost had them all! (No, actually not quite haha, but I got number 3! and Pannya was a major reason I watched it.)

    Fun quiz!

    • Lol, At least you got the one that matters most xD, and glad you had fun.

      Also, I blame Jockey for all the ones you missed xD

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