[First Impressions] Hatsuyuki Sakura

ITT: Waifu Wars

[1:30:07 PM] K1: I am starting the question if Seele is more obsessed about hatsuyuki sakura than me
[1:30:18 PM] K1: I think that is the case
[1:30:32 PM] Seele: お前のせいで
[1:30:52 PM] K1: I never told you to play it!
[1:30:57 PM] K1: I only told Warum and snoo!
[1:31:00 PM] K1: And ZB

 Due to K1’s constant hype and aquaspirit linking me the OP, I decided to pick it up. It was pretty… interesting, so to say.

VNDB puts the synopsis of the game as “The story is about the end of 1095 days at school or in other words days before graduation.” However, this doesn’t really do justice to what I saw in the trial nor do I want to add to this synopsis any further. Saying any more of it would actually spoil you a little, so it’s best to leave it here for now. We also had a really long debate in Skype as to the possible direction of the game; whether it will be pretty plot-heavy or be mainly a moege. (Note: I’m the former.) Nonetheless we decided to let it be for now. The writing itself is really enjoyable, mixing around slice-of-life elements with the overarching plot. Dialogue also has kaomoji which are appropriately out of place considering the nature of the story.

Character appeal is something of a mix as far as the trial is concerned. You have great characters like Hatsuyuki himself, and you have pretty… dull characters such as Nozomu. And of course Kubo irritates me with his existence (male tsundere? I could be a better tsundere). The heroines are pretty nice too. Each of them have distinct personalities that don’t quite fall into fixed character archetypes. Well, Nozomu is still pretty boring though. And Shirokuma hasn’t had enough screen time for me to see any developments. The rest of cast is really interesting though, although Hatsuyuki has to be one of the most multidimensional protagonists I’ve seen lately. Probably a plot point, I dunno.

By the way, my favorite heroine is Sakura. Her バカ系 antics and reactions are so refreshing:

Can’t say so much stuff about the art right now. Backgrounds have some nice details here and there, but nothing Shinkai-esque. I have to admit that there’s considerable detail though. Character sprites are well designed too. Aside from one or two counts of weird and awkward eye positioning, it’s pretty.

Few things kick me in the nuts more than music. And well… yeah. Fuck. The trial just kicked my nuts. It should be enough to say that the BGMs are so nice and vibrant. It doesn’t just capture, it projects the atmosphere of an entire scene. If I hear more of these drugs I won’t care much about how the plot goes after. It’s really good. The voice acting department isn’t a slouch either. If anything, Kubo sounds so irritating that reading his lines and listening to his voice at the same time makes me feel more nauseated at each second of it. Really good, I’m telling you. (The other characters fit their voices nicely, I just wanted to emphasize how I dislike Kubo.)

I’m expecting good things two weeks from now. Hatsuyuki Sakura is one of them. I just hope the whole thing won’t disappoint me. K1 hyped it way too much.


16 responses to “[First Impressions] Hatsuyuki Sakura

  1. テンションあげて、テンションさげないで

  2. >dull characters such as Nozomu


    ALSO RAN IS MINE. (but since she is just a sidechara- THEN NOZOMU IS MINE) K1 and aqua can fight over yoru ヽ(´▽`)/

  3. I feel like I’m missing out by not playing the demo., but then I don’t play demos anyway. I’ll just wait for the full game to come out.

    With so much hype around, I better claim a character before someone else does. I’ll claim Shirokuma first, and Yoru will be my second choice since I didn’t see her getting mentioned anywhere so I’ll spare her some love.

  4. LoL, I have no problem with sharing XD
    Sakura is my second in line, I usually hate my-pace character like her, but she is a bit different from the usual my-pace character.

    Now now Aedes….dont just start Waifu War like that kay, especially for game like Dracuriot that only has 4 heroines….it gonna be 血祭…

    I dont usually play demo also…but every1 in the skype chat room was talking about it…so I was tempted >< now I need to wait for 2 weeks QQ

  5. Tell me when the full game is gonna be released. I’ll try to get it translated. @_@

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