FFT(Mix) * Twist~ Winter 2012 edition

HAI ppl!

The winter 2012 season is basically over, and I should probably get back from my hiatus and write something again, in other words back to my silly games xD. This time around the game should be more fun and trollish than before!!! Yay!!! On another note, I need to learn to be as popular as Seele T_T. Sorry to everyone who wanted to get another review from Seele.

For those new to the series or don’t remember the rules, here is a quick rundown copy and pasted from last time, ^_^. I will provide a synopsis of a show that is currently running, and you need to guess what that show is. That is all. Easy right? See if you get all the shows that you are currently watching, or if you are really ambitious, get all of them.

For my last note, this round is harder than last time, but please don;t end up looking like this when it is all done xD

1. Drawing circles all day long, that is club spirit.

2. Club spirit is all about making contracts, oh wait, a crazy priest doesn’t want those contracts.

3. Screw going to club, I need money.

4. Still, all we have time for is shining brightly, sing our swan song, and then…

5. Then scream to ninjas that you aren’t human as you destroy the world.

6. You want to destroy this world, who cares, we have Legal Piracy! What in this universe is stopping us from taking over ships electronically?

7. Well the if you rip off your clothes and become invisible through your shyness, you and your ship/mech can dodge everything.

8. Well dodging everything is nice, but my accuracy is so high that I can hit 10 balls at once.()

9. Wonders balls, chocolate, cakeee!!! I am just going to sit here eating my snacks while you do whatever you want.

10. What are you saying about my sweets being fake??? Oh well even if they are fakes, you are my pride….Fakes do combo attack, it is super effective!

11. You can combo attack me with your bunches and your guns, but I will counter with my giant rainbow gun!

12. (Only response I can come up to these series of sentences)The wind is….crying (T_T that response wasn’t cool)

Answer Key:

1. Rinne no Lagrange 2. High School DxD 3. Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! 4. Symphogear 5. Brave 10 6. Moretsu Pirates 7. Aquarion EVO 8. New Prince of Tennis 9. Inu x Boku SS 10. Niseimonogatari 11. Black Rock Shooter 12. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Well I hope you all had fun. I really want to see if I can get the anime side of this blog up this season, but we’ll see. I just need to find ideas to forage a niche for this blog and the motivation to do it… Whatever, first things first, catch up to Seele xD


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