Reflecting Upon Past Two Years of Blogging

And I realize: I don’t post much.
Let’s do this in Q&A form for easier viewing.

Will this [lack of post count] change?

Will MixMatched have semi-regular blogposts?

Will MixMatched have regular blogposts?

Will Seele finally branch out from eroge?
Unlikely, but I might.

Is Jockey coming back?
I haven’t seen the ass in months. Last I heard of him, he was being a NEET.

Is Yoshi still alive?
College, etc. He’s bound to be busy somehow.

Is MixMatched dead?

Anyway, just did some updates here and there. We basically blog on whim now. Don’t expect much, asides a few shit once or five times every year. Yeah, that kind of frequency.

I’ll leave a hint as to what I might review next though.

Oh right, I turned 17 this Monday w

Come back after a few months. This is gonna take a while.


4 responses to “Reflecting Upon Past Two Years of Blogging

  1. Jockey’s a NEET now? Darn.

  2. Hooray laziness (b’-‘)b

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