So I saw Aedes/Aero’s post on anime character archetypes and I thought, “This reminds me of those harem posts back in the day!” Seeing as that with the anime blogging collective ever so growing, the VN blogging scene is also starting to grow (somewhat), I deem it only right that we start these challenges again for the sake of fun and LOVE. How else would one make these posts other than with LOVE? WHY HAVE WAIFU IF YE NOT PROUD OF WAIFU?

Alg and neko already had their turns, so I guess it’s time for the guy who opened this circlejerk event to break out his own love for his harem. But before everything: the rules!

(Modified from M3rry’s original rules to accommodate for the newer bloggers in the scene):

  • Maximum of 8 bishoujos + 1 maid (Maid is now optional. Although this’ll feel to be a controversial change, even I don’t have a maid really I can be a great houseman to all my waifus not everyone’s played a game with maids they like)
  • One character per eroge/VN
  • Strictly no anime adaptations (unless I personally allow it [really though I don’t give much of a fuck but please no])
  • Each character has a unique seiyuu
  • A maximum of one seconday character (e.g. bishoujo but with no H-scenes/fandisk scenes) in the harem. Counted among the 8 + 1. Previous rules also apply to this member.

And now, in no particular order, ALL MY LOVE AND ADORATION:

Otonashi Ayana (音無 彩名) (CV: 成瀬 未亜) – 素晴らしき日々

You may ask what do I find so endearing about Ayana. To be honest, I don’t know either. May it be her great intellect or her even greater mystery (it still sends the chills of fear down my spine~), her very existence in fiction is something that gives me my deepest evils something to toy around in.

Another question you may ask is how is she waifu material. My question is how are you even having the time to question my tastes in waifu. I’d play mind games (in more ways than one) with her any day, as long we’re both “entertained”.

Mitora Mememe (未寅 愛々々) (CV: 中瀬 ひな) – いつか、届く、あの空に。

The secondary characters rule is not only my own addition to the set, but it was tailor-made so I can put Meme in here. If Ayana is my daily loving mindfuck, Meme is my… fuck just give her to me already SHE’S MINE. MIIIINE!

Small loving girl? Check. Strong sense of loyalty? Check. Fights on par with highly-trained supernatural-weapon wielding guards? Check. BESTEST BEST FRIEND EVER, CHECK. Goddamn Meme I’ll take care of you every day even if you have to punch me to bloody submission each time.

I wish you had a sideroute ;_;

Saionji Aqua (西園寺 アクア) (CV: 田村 ゆかり)- ひまわり ~Pebble in the Sky~

Here’s another questionable addition to the waifu list: why, of all female characters in Himawari, Aqua? Doesn’t she have the most bitter and fallen personality in the entire VN? Hell, even I utterly didn’t know how to feel about her at the end of Aqua After. And yet she feels so… so complete. She’s a great lover, but she can be abusive. Her kuu-like nature makes her headstrong, yet she’s indeed the weakest link among all the cast. It’s just… aaaa fuck I should stop thinking about this before I go play Himawari again and drive my head up the wall.

Tamaki Sakura (玉樹 桜) (CV: 山羽 みんと) – はつゆきさくら

My deep dark tastes in waifu having been exposed to the world (as if it hadn’t been obvious enough), Sakura is one who provides me all the comfort I need once I have gone through the (unnervingly pleasurable) physical, emotional, and existential pain and warmth my other waifus have given me. Sakura makes up allof the ichaicha I so badly need in my every day operations. She is the great sunshine to all the (still seemingly beautiful) darkness Ayana and Aqua give off. If Meme is my left hand, Sakura is my right. Both give a loving touch, except my right’s gentler and I use my left to punch stuff YEEEEAH… Always a smile on her face huh ;-;


And we’re done. Only 4? My standards are pretty high (twisted) after all. My fold embraces those who need embracing (I can take a few chokes!), and those who need to be understood (Yes, tell me more- ack). My list is still pretty small, but give me a few months of more reading and I’ll have more bishoujos to keep at my side.

P.S. – I sound more ドM than warum now D=


12 responses to “MORE HAREM POSTS

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    There’s a growing List-Your-Harem themed posts going on in the eroge blog space. Nekotea: Algester: and previously Aedes

  2. > If Meme is my left hand, Sakura is my right.

    And which hand do you use to…

  3. You posted Sakura just to spite me didn’t you.

  4. You need a maid. Really.


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