[Review] Visual Art’s 20th Anniversary Remixes

I like music so much that I fucking revived this blog just to express it.

Visual Art’s has great theme songs. There are great remix artists out there. Get the idea and we have this album. Let’s get started.

Key Side

  • Alicemagic (Tsukasa remix) (Little Busters!) – Ever listened to a Tsukasa song? Well this is a Tsukasa song. You could probably blind test me on this and I’ll still say this is a Tsukasa remix. That said, it does the original a nice amount of justice with a fitting remix.
  • Last Regrets (EastNewSound remix) (Kanon) – Last Regrets was probably the most somber song I’ve heard from Key. This remix changes it to a much calmer tune. More welcome, imo.
  • Light Colors (M-K-S mix) (Tomoyo After) – I can appreciate this remix pretty well since I’ve listened to the original to the death and I can confidently say it does a nice job playing around with the original’s rhythm pattern. Plus my soft side with Lia songs. Yeah BIAS.
  • Little Busters! (Nhato remix) (Duh) – Dat dubstep. Seriously just listen to it. It sets the entire stage of the song 1:47 onward.
  • Philosophyz (MUZIK SERVANT remix) (Rewrite) – Very, very powerful remix. I have an issue with Mizutani’s vocals being drowned out of/fused into the rave parts of the song though, but that’s just me.
  • Rewrite (DJ Shimamura’s Drumscape Remix) (Another duh) – Oh boy remixing rock. Fuck my chuu2 nerves were pulsing here to the MAX. I really couldn’t imagine how would to make an awesome remix of a Psychic Lover song until now. Also opposite of Philosophyz in handling the vocals. Very pronounced.
  • Dango Daikazoku (Blue Twinkle Energetic Remix) (Clannad) – This song is funny in that I never knew it would actually work but it did. The song retains its feel of calm while fulfilling at least the target of the remix. Perfect vocal transitions, fits Chata’s vocal quality well (see: drowning out vocals).
  • Mag Mell (Tracy remix) (Clannad) – Kinda feels like the original Mag Mell with lots of stuff put over it. Might just be feeling the attrition though.
  • Hoshikuzu (Kouki Izumi remix) (Kud Wafter) – Not much of an opinion here as I haven’t heard the original. Bassy start, classic Shimotsuki vocals with your usual remix stuff.
  • Toki wo Kizamu Uta (100-200+tanigon remix) (Clannad After Story) – Hey Seele wanna relax? This song takes the cake. It powers down the original into something a bit more nerve calming without taking away what made this song nice (the melodic sequences). Plus the bass positioning is heavenly.
  • Aozora (Katsu+Sumijun remix) (Air) – See Hoshikuzu first sentence. Highly electronic, can’t really comment on it until I hear the original. 2:00 onward feels nice though.
  • Tori no Uta (PandaBoY remix) (Air) – Hello remixed-to-death Tori no Uta. This time though it takes us to the classic Tori no Uta then BOMBARDS it with dubstep in the midparts. Surreal man.

I’ve Side

  • bumpy-Jumpy! (M-Project Makina mix) (Natsuyume Nagisa) – Highly mechanical remix, at least in the non-vocal parts. Less bumpy jumpy, more- okay nevermind it’s still bumpy-Jumpy.
  • Crash Course (Funky Special Lesson) (Mare-Mare-Mare) – Pretty plain until after 1:00. Then Crash Course finally starts playing, which is actually quite energetic. Nice revamp over the original at least.
  • Do you know the magic? (nonSectRadicals mix) (Mahou ha ame iro?) – To be honest, the majority of the I’ve tracks here are ones I haven’t listened to, so what I’ll say about them is pretty limited. No comment here other than BUBBLY
  • Got it!! (Hedonist remix) (Natsuiro Asagao Residence) – See above. It’s a nice song though, very stage-y, very open.
  • Morning glory (Irus remix) (Natsuiro Asagao Residence) – See above. Now this is more night-y, as expected of a composition involving Kawada. Kinda against the title, no? w
  • Presto (Shouya Namai remix) (Hatsuyuki Sakura) – Zeroblade was saying that he liked this more than the original, which would hold water if the fag actually finished the game. That said, he’s actually right on how good this remix is. I mean, really really good. Shame it doesn’t carry over the impact it had on the eroge, but it’s a great tradeoff nonetheless.
  • Princess Brave! (DJ Shimamura’s Can’t Stop Braving! remix) (Surprise me) – I never liked the original that much, so yeah.
  • Rolling Star☆彡 (EastNewSound remix) (Kisaragi GOLD☆SHITSTAR) – Unlike the game, I actually like the song. This remix adds FLAIR to an already SHINY song like this one. Also makes it BUMPY JUMPY in the dance fashion. //If you guys haven’t noticed it yet I use visual adjectives in describing songs. Particularly because that /is/ how I describe/see songs.
  • Smile (nana’s Hardcore remix) (Natsuiro Asagao Residence) – Note that everything else after this would have Do you know the magic?’s conditions applying. Thus no comment. Must be feeling up the attrition again (I’ve been listening to this album straight).
  • Stars Biscuit (DJ SHARPNEL’s odds&endsremix) (Furifuri) – Oh fucking hell the opening is so Sharpnel. Correction this is so Sharpnel.
  • TRUE EYES (Amane remix) (STEAL!) – No comment.
  • Under The Darkness (void’s switcheroo remix) (Kichiku Megane) – No comment.



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