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Mon panache is bigger than ton panache


Seele Edit: I have no idea where he is now w

Since he shall post later, I shall give an accurate description of him (according to himself):

  • 5 years old (trust me, these absurd ages appear in our biography)
  • a batchmate of mine
  • spoiler magnet
  • doesn’t read much manga/VNs
  • nor does he watch anime too often either
  • excellent in extrapolating facts from trivia alone (which is why he spoils himself)
  • has editing powers over this blog. *evil laugh* WTH lol

No really. You do not want to see him IRL.

Ok, I’ll add some real content to this intro of mine…

Famously known by my username as “jockeytiyan” in a rhythm game called “osu!” where I’m usually seen chatting in the IRC channel and being a douchebag (yes, I’m a douchebag) and sometimes a troll to other chatters. The origin of the username is quite obvious once the correct pronunciation is known. “Jockey” is a brand of brief and other stuff that I wouldn’t want to care about. “Tiyan” means “stomach” in our language. Cross them up, you get a famous artist who knows how to kung-fu and do stunts on its own while wasting the underwear he rips everytime (ok, that was just a joke).

I’m a reality escapee, often busy chatting with other people around the world. One could say I’m a very busy person just by knowing the fact that I have 3 messengers and 1 program always running at the same time whenever I open my laptop. However, I’m not that of an active person that is always up-to-date with everything. It’s highly likely that I’d wouldn’t post much in here.

Just an emphasis: I’ve been known to write very long essays and having to circle around on one thought only.

P. S. He’s the movie blogger.


HAI ppl.

I got to know the original creators of this blog through osu!, well at least know Jockey, and from there I got offered to be a writer here. As you can expect, I took the position and here I am. (Don’t really have much to say there xD)

The name blissfulyoshi originally came from my like of the Nintendo character Yoshi from the game Yoshi Story. I remember having so much fun as a kid going through places as a dinosaur whose entire goal was to eat fruit with his long tongue. After growing up a bit, I started to check out places online, but to talk with people online, you usually need a screen name for people to recognize you by. With my liking for Yoshi(s), I decided that my online name would be related to it. As a result, I used the word yoshi in various forms in my user names, but after staying on the internet for a while, I realized that your name greatly influences how people perceive you. Since I really wanted people to be happy around me, the first user name I used a lot was happyyoshi. After a while, I didn’t like the name that much, but I still wanted the name to follow my original intentions, so I decided to use a synonym for happy, bliss. From there, the name blissfulyoshi was born. (Probably skipped a few steps here and there, but I think the general idea is relatively clear)

  • I am a university student
  • I don’t really care for fanservice [I lol’d]
  • I love stuff about computers (esp about parts used for building a PC)
  • I love to help people

Some of the things probably don’t match up with the idea of the blog, but I think we will get along fine! xD

P. S. He’s the anime blogger.


2 responses to “About the Authors

  1. Oh, I just visited this now D:
    Just randomly lurking around, and saw the about page and got curious.

  2. Ah! Mga pinoy din pala kayo… Lol!…

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