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[Review] きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも、

It’s been two years since I last read an eroge. The last one was ItsuSora. I tried Totono, but I quickly got bored out of my wits and opened up all its CG 回想 so I could fap to something. ItsuSora set the bar high, probably way too high for me to be satisfied with what 90 percent of the eroge industry puts out every month. But this review is not about ItsuSora. I can’t review something based on two-year old memories and experiences. So I will instead talk about something that paralleled, if not slightly exceeded, that standard bar that I set long ago: Asairo.

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[Review] Visual Art’s 20th Anniversary Remixes

I like music so much that I fucking revived this blog just to express it.

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[Review] はつゆきさくら

I sacrificed one class day for this. I’d say it was worth it.

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[Review] Katawa Shoujo

I don’t want to stuff this post with return greetings. They don’t work on me anyway.

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[First Impressions] C^3

Sneaking into your house and stealing your cookies.

HAI ppl!

Today we get to talk about a destructive loli who comes in a cube because everything has to be cubed in this show, right?
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Review: Tales of Xillia

Like everyone else in this blog, I have went on hiatus as well. Well besides rl stuff, you probably expected me to have a huge amount of time to go watch anime and play VNs. Well as it turns out, I actually have been holding back on watching anime the past few weeks. Why you ask? Well, something much more important came up, namely the next Tales of game (sry I’m a huge fanboy of the series). As a result I thought it was necessary to review it for whoever was interested…. (I doubt many of the people of this blog will read it, but whatever)

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[Detailed Review] Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto


And now, this is me,  jockeytiyan actually writing something in the blog! 😮 Let’s all parteh! Everybody Nonstop!

In a nutshell, Star Driver is a shonen series armed with a twist of mech action, your usual lovey-dovey teenager mush, and probably a pinch of Gainax level of epicness that can make your libido [this should make more sense in the anime] rise!

If you think you’ve had enough gayness in life, think again! You might even get the desire to punch your father in the face when you see him. XD

If Madoka has magical girls, Star Driver has ginga bishonens! Did they make a contract to QB? D:

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