[First Impressions] Hatsuyuki Sakura

ITT: Waifu Wars

[1:30:07 PM] K1: I am starting the question if Seele is more obsessed about hatsuyuki sakura than me
[1:30:18 PM] K1: I think that is the case
[1:30:32 PM] Seele: お前のせいで
[1:30:52 PM] K1: I never told you to play it!
[1:30:57 PM] K1: I only told Warum and snoo!
[1:31:00 PM] K1: And ZB

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[Review] Katawa Shoujo

I don’t want to stuff this post with return greetings. They don’t work on me anyway.

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FFT(Mix) * Twist~ Fall 2011 edition

HAI ppl!

It is near the end of the season again, so it’s time to test how much we know about this series’s anime with a new game. I realized last time that as much as I like memorizing song titles, not many people do that. So I thought it would be better to make a game that suited a larger audience. As a result, here is the first FFT(Mix) * Twist~, a game where we mixed, twisted, and transformed things  to get the synopses you see.

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[Impressions^3] Fate/Zero

Episode 3 is out already. I think we already have a good chunk of time to have a solid idea on what to expect in this show, eh? On a side note, I can’t find a proper Uryu/Caster picture and we can’t post a pic of the loli Ilya here due to me being hemophiliac. :U

Here’s a picture of all the main characters that’s going to appear in the series. Only one character hasn’t appeared in the series yet, Sola-Ui.

Click to enlarge...

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[First Impressions] UN-GO

HAI ppl!!!

Bones is back this season with a new mystery series. Will it be Bones second attempt at Gosick or a better attempt at real mysteries xD. Whatever, I am just going to hope for the explosions that Bones loves to throw in randomly.

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[First Impressions] Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!

Gomen ne!!! Sorry for the wrong title. >_< (As if someone is reading this anyway…)

I believe I am reviewing the wrong anime here… Ok, bad inside joke.

Hello people! If your attention got caught by the article’s title, I advise you to turn back if you’ve already seen the anime. If you won’t heed my advice, you’re abnormal. XD


Martial Arts as P.E. is good with deadly weapons! Even the school principal approves of this! Though, the weapons aren’t really that deadly; they just hurt like hell. Continue reading

[First Impressions] Maken-Ki!

HAI ppl

Welcome to one of the most ecchi shows this season. As a fair warning, if you came here expecting plot and not flinging skirts, please leave right away. With that in mind, lets discuss the latest of the many harems this season (I counted at least 7 this season).

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