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[Review] きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも、

It’s been two years since I last read an eroge. The last one was ItsuSora. I tried Totono, but I quickly got bored out of my wits and opened up all its CG 回想 so I could fap to something. ItsuSora set the bar high, probably way too high for me to be satisfied with what 90 percent of the eroge industry puts out every month. But this review is not about ItsuSora. I can’t review something based on two-year old memories and experiences. So I will instead talk about something that paralleled, if not slightly exceeded, that standard bar that I set long ago: Asairo.

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[First Impressions] Hatsuyuki Sakura

ITT: Waifu Wars

[1:30:07 PM] K1: I am starting the question if Seele is more obsessed about hatsuyuki sakura than me
[1:30:18 PM] K1: I think that is the case
[1:30:32 PM] Seele: お前のせいで
[1:30:52 PM] K1: I never told you to play it!
[1:30:57 PM] K1: I only told Warum and snoo!
[1:31:00 PM] K1: And ZB

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[Review] Katawa Shoujo

I don’t want to stuff this post with return greetings. They don’t work on me anyway.

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[First Impressions] Sucre ~sweet and charming time for you.~

I expelled way too many expletives just trying to keep myself calm while reading this game.

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[First Impressions] your diary

Remember kids, don’t play MMOs if you have other priorities. Like blogging.

So after a year-long hiatus I’ve decided to write again. And since this is a trial, I won’t delve into so many details.

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[Review] 素晴らしき日々~不連続存在~

After trudging through it for 1 whole month (although Clannad was longer [2 and a half months]), I’ve finally done it. And as with all reviews concerning this eroge, I keep spoilers in an absolute minimum. Why, do you ask? It’s because it’s the experience of the whole game that makes it worthwhile.

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